Ask me about the weakness of Africa? Why is Africa poor & why we are not United?

Just had to respond to this on Facebook.

1) African countries need to toughen up their laws to stop foreign companies from extracting wealth and paying them very little for it. Also the contracts that these foreign companies have, need to be scrutinised to see if they were made fairly, or whether they can be revoked and the resources exploited returned to African control.

2) Corruption in Africa makes Africa weak. Wealth needs to be pushed back into the country, not kept in the hands of the few.

3) Africa being split up into small countries makes its bargaining power on the world stage small. As one union, with such a mass of natural resources that the so called developed world needs, being able to dictate pricing rather than accept it is key to building wealth.

4) African governments need to invest in people to do the work which “social conditioning” makes people think only whites and foreigners can do the work. If Africa did this industries could be built with indigenous people, rather than black people in menial low paid roles and others at the top creaming off the big pay.

5) War and division in Africa makes it weak. The times are such that people need to come together to build unity, strength and a future rather than squabble over the scraps those who promote an agenda of decide and conquer love to leave for us.

6) I also think religion on Africa is a problem, Virulent forms of Christianity and Islam have worked they way into the content and led historically to many Africans being enslaved, and to conflict in the present day. Any religion accepted by Africans must be true, and I am not talking about being allowed to worship “god’s” that people make with their own hands, but at the same time, a “god” fashioned in the image of people who enslave you is no better. Africa needs to dig deep for spiritual truth.

7) The African relationship with The Diaspora makes Africa weak. We are two halves or pieces of the same cloth torn apart by evil forces, and while we are divided in such a way, those evil forces continue to conquer us both in the land and outside of it. If and when we join to create a unity, sharing resources, talents, vision and the work!I think Africa and Africans will be unstoppable!

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