African Court of Reparations and Justice

Africa should do all it can to strengthen itself against the tyranny of a white dominated world, which continually tramples on the rights of the poor (regardless of colour), but particularly on black peoples, with historical injustices barely apologised for, let alone reparations and repentance paid as we continue to suffer the neo-colonial psudo bigotry of an unjust system, that isn’t getting “better” as some assume, although our living standards and absolute wealth increases, our relative wealth to our white counterparts is significantly smaller than our white counterparts due in major part to the implicit bias of the system. Really all that has happened over the last 500 years is that the system is more sophisticated in its manifestations of racism and inequality. We have just enough material wealth to keep us from being disgruntled most of the time, just enough justice to stop riot or rebellion, but we don’t have absolute justice, and perhaps the vast majority of us do not have wealth or critical self determination.

I think a key thing African can do, to prevent a court of thieves declaring the guilty to be innocent, is to create a special court, I would call it, The African Court of Reparations and Justice and have all African nations agree to put sanctions on and/or confiscate the assets of any foreign (non-African) person, company, country or other organisation that refuses to either participate in its proceedings or abide by its rulings. The court should rule on atrocities and crimes against humanity carried out in Africa, along with righting the contractual terms of any one sided onerous trade deals struck with foreign companies or countries to extract Africa’s wealth. The court should also be able to make decisions regarding Africa’s alleged debts and colonial payments. The court should have no time limit and be able to reach back in time as far as accurate historical records and evidence will allow.

The International Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court will refuse to look at certain crimes against humanity because of their age, even though the effects of those crimes are so obviously felt today. Africans and black people need to have self determination and decide for ourselves what justice is. When you look at the track record of the peoples we are asking for justice, given their past record of crimes against humanity, fake wars, ruthless exploitation of resources and greed; one might as well expect an sexually abused child to get justice in a court of current and ex-pedophiles as for people of African descent to get justice at the hands of those people.

Africa, adultery and religion

The main aim of this article is to describe Africa’s relationship to God and religion, and how following the wrong kind of religion can have disastrous effects.

Would you expect a man be angry if his wife cheated on him? Of course you would!  Men plot revenge, fight, take back or destroy gifts; the act of cheating or adultery (by either spouse) is a cause of pain that not only affects the couple(s) involved, but also the children, relatives and even friends who are aware of the situation.

In the so called “Old Testament” or The Law and The Prophets (Torah) as Yahshua (Jesus) referred to it, Yahweh, on many occasions describes his relationship with Israel, his chosen people, likening it to the relationship between a husband and an unfaithful wife. Perhaps for people aware of scripture Hosea is the book of The Bible most frequently referred to in this respect.

Looking at the “New Testament” or B’rit Hadashah which informs us about The New Covenant, we wonder if anything has changed. Has the relationship between Yahweh and His people, “Israel”, the Community of believers also known as The church changed?  When, in speaking of the relationship between husbands and wives, the Apostle Paul tells us:

There is profound truth hidden here, which I say concerns the Messiah and the Messianic Community (Eph 5:31–32 CJB)

Actually, that profound truth, or mystery as some translations put it, was well known among Jews and anyone familiar with the Torah.  I want to suggest that in our current time, the relationship between Yahweh and The Community of believers or Church is the same as it ever was in terms of it being similar to the relationship between a man and his wife.  Let’s look at this scripture in Revelation:

Then came one of the angels with the seven bowls; and he said to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great whore who is sitting by many waters.  The kings of the earth went whoring with her, and the people living on earth have become drunk from the wine of her whoring.”  (Revelation  17 1&2 CJB).

I want to plainly interpret that scripture for you and say that this “great whore” refers to false religion AND the apostate community of “believers” or the apostate church. To become drunk with the “wine of her whoring” refers to having an understanding of life that comes from accepting a system borne of a spirit of error, rebellion and godlessness, this leads the mind to become “drunk”, and as one does when one is drunk, one finds it difficult to think clearly and act in a sensible manner.

Now I want to relate what I am writing to the situation specifically in Africa, but also in many parts of the world with often vibrant Christian communities which are poor and suffering. Let’s look at this chapter of scripture, Proverbs chapter 5:

1  My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
incline your ear to my understanding;
2  so that you will preserve discretion
and your lips keep watch over knowledge.

3  For the lips of a woman who is a stranger drop honey,
her mouth is smoother than oil;

Note that the “woman who is a stranger” is the same as an adulteress or whore. I want to suggest that false religion and the apostate body of believers entices people with “smooth words”, “she” may look beautiful from the outside and have the appearance of warmth, but..

4  but in the end she is as bitter as wormwood,
sharp as a double-edged sword.
5  Her feet go down to death,
her steps lead straight to Sh’ol;
6  she doesn’t walk the level path of life—
her course wanders all over, but she doesn’t know it.

This means that the woman, doesn’t even realise that her way of life is corrupt. The same can be said for the apostate Church, they don’t know that what they do is wrong. Am I being harsh here? I think not, for scripture says “there are those pure in their own eyes but not yet cleansed of their filth” (Proverbs 30:12) which I am going to link with what Yahshua said of people who actually call on his name and claim to work miracles in his name, yet He will say to them “Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!” (Matthew 7:21-23).

7  So now, children, listen to me;
don’t turn away from what I am saying:
8  distance your way from her,
stay far from the door of her house;
9  so that you won’t give your vigor to others
and your years to someone who is cruel,
10  so strangers won’t be filled with your strength
and what you worked for go to a foreign house.

And here is the key, the adulterer, loose woman, or whore has a “house” and we are told not to go there, and even to distance ourselves from it, because if we do enter in, we are in danger of seeing all the things that we work for go to someone else.  In the physical realm this could be because such women want payment, favours, or you may have a child by such a woman and have to pay for the child’s upkeep.

However, in a spiritual sense this can also relate to Africa. African’s are zealous for God, and indeed have many God’s, but the religion with the most impact on many African’s is arguably Christianity, because if its heavy links to The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Colonialisation, and the continuation of the subjugation of the continent, as if by remote control, by the military, economic, social, linguistic, cultural (etc) forces of Europe, America, China, etc. Couldn’t Africa, if you imagine it as a person, be described as one who is giving their wealth and strength to others, whose toil is enriching foreigners, but who remains poor?

I want to suggest that the form of religion many African’s have taken up is an adulterous one, yes, and even more specifically the Christians. The apostate church has forsaken the law of God (note Proverbs 28:4), and by this I don’t mean offering sacrifices, look at what Yahshua said in Matthew 5:17-20 in particular, but all of Yahshua’s teaching and truly understand that when Yahshua said “it is finished” (John 19:28-30), he didn’t mean the law or Torah is done away with, but the earthly administration of The Law is over. Yahshua became The Sacrifice (note Isaiah 66:3 & 4, 1 John 2:2), The Priest (Hebrews 9), The King (Revelation 19:16). Yahweh isn’t the author of confusion, so he wouldn’t declare that heaven and earth would pass away before the smallest part of a word would disappear from the law or Torah, and then within years cancel the law by his death on the cross.

Africa has taken up the adulterated whorish version of Christianity which is the offspring of ROME (even if you are Protestant), not JERUSALEM. In this version of the scriptures God’s law is set aside as a pattern of obedience to something “new”, and just as the adulterer will not stay faithful to the “old” and known pleasures of his rightful wife (or husband), but wants to try something “new”, so too the apostate church goes in search of many “new” teachings, often with the appearance that they are based on scripture, when in reality they are loose interpretations of scripture that encourage us to abandon in some respect the old commandments that God gave his faithful to obey.

This “new” teaching of the apostate church seems beautiful on the outside, we have been enticed by smooth words, nice songs, colourful pictures, ornate buildings; but the reality is this teaching has made Africa poor. “We’ve loved Jesus Christ so much, but our wealth is taken from us, we’ve been enslaved, raped, plundered, and it never seems to end, first the Europeans, now the Chinese. We convert factories into churches and pray for jobs, and our miracle healers stayed at home during Covid-19.” Africa, where has your freedom gone? How has your wealth been extracted? Where is the benefit from the tithes you paid?

In the USA there have been arguments about “defunding” the police, taking away its resources and putting them into programs of work that focus on policing at a community level. So we can apply the same concept of “defunding” to The churches in. Why pay your tithes and offerings into an organisation that isn’t working for you, an organisation that is adulterous because of its links with paganism (Christmas, Easter, Sunday worship, the obelisk in St Peters Square etc), an organisation that has the roots of its existence, not in Jerusalem, not even in any country in Africa, but in Rome.  If the faith of the congregation you are part of is so shallow that you are taught lawless chaff that will only serve to lead you away from God and the truth is not preached; and if there are no miracles and gifts of The Spirit, no true healing, no prophecy that is affirmed and comes to pass, why are you paying money into that church?  You are effectively paying money to an adulterous woman or a whore, who will not satisfy your deep spiritual needs.  Let’s face it some churches act like a spiritual ponzi (or pyramid) scheme, lots of people paying into it, and putting effort into it, but the only people at the top get the benefits.

Yahshua said he came to give you life in abundance (John 10:10), and that may not mean earthly riches for everyone, but equally it doesn’t mean that generations of people should be enslaved to false doctrines, as if being hoodwinked and waylaid by the evil teachings of people with a callous disregard for God truth and all humanity except the slithers of human nature left in their own.

The fact is the Christianity Europeans teach is tied to paganism, that’s why these “new” doctrines you wont actually find in scripture are present. Don’t get me wrong, you will find the scripture the doctrine is based on, but you won’t find that doctrine actually taught or commanded in scripture. Many false teachings require “reading into”, “heavy interpretation”, “additional knowledge” or just plain old imagination to make people who are naive and weak minded accept error for truth!  We can’t just accept what people say, we have to test it! Know your Bible, know your freedom!

The Roman Empire started first with conquest, then with religion and it had a big issue with Israel, because Israel was the only kingdom that was monotheistic (only serving one God) that Rome wanted to conquer, and it cost the Romans heavily to capture Jerusalem and destroy the temple. Doesn’t it seem strange that the Romans then made a beautiful cathedral and chose to make themselves the spiritual home of the religion of a nation it had just all but destroyed? This was a very symbolic event, and one should understand the counterfeit nature of The Roman Catholic Church (and all denominations that hold to any part of its “new” false teachings), that it has created a polytheistic religion (worship of more than one God) and packaged it up as if it is the only truth, indeed it proclaims to be the “Universal Church”.

The Roman Catholic Church, in my opinion, was the major driver in introducing through the “Doctrine of Discovery”, the basis for White Supremacy to enter into the world. The nefarious Pope Nicholas V’s proclamation of the Papal Bull entitled Dum Diversas (1452) gave European kings the right to conquer lands and perpetually enslave peoples. Numerous churches latched on to that twisting scripture, and again coming up with false doctrines to justify their reading of God’s Word.  Through this doctrine, Europeans embarked on a greedy rampage which saw them spread over 4 continents of the world, and to this day, so heavy are the chains of these false teaching, that many Africans really believe that Christianity, even the religion of The Bible condones The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. That false teaching has affected 500 years of the development of African people on this planet. Loss of property, land, resources, history and even becoming property is directly as a result of this Catholic teaching and the churches that have, as if in unison of spirit agreed with Rome’s accord.

It’s important to realise that false teaching isn’t just a matter of intellectual acceptance, we accept these teachings in our spirit, and that is more dangerous. The spirit drives the intellect and not the other way around.

11  Then, when your flesh and bones have shrunk,
at the end of your life, you would moan,
12  “How I hated discipline!
My whole being despised reproof,
13  I ignored what my teachers said,
I didn’t listen to my instructors.
14  I took part in almost every kind of evil,
and the whole community knew it.”

When we seen the effects of relations with an adulteress or a whore, whether that be a physical woman or an church that teaches error, we will see that those effects are negative – losing your wealth, time in terms of lost years in serving the cruel, wasted vigor and strength. One can see all those have happened to Africa, but all is not lost, there is still hope and a remedy:

15  Drink the water from your own cistern,
fresh water from your own well.
16  Let what your springs produce be dispersed outside,
streams of water flowing in the streets;
17  but let them be for you alone
and not for strangers with you.

Africa needs to establish it’s own interpretation of Christianity, and not be lean be the colonial superstate religion that is European taught Christianity, whether that be Roman Catholicism or any branch of Sunday keeping covenant breaking Protestantism.  European influenced teachings must be driven out!  Rome has their Church, the English have their Church of England. Africa should have a congregation, perhaps following on from The Ethiopian Church, which has always had strong ties to Jerusalem, existed before The Roman Catholic Church, and actually observes God’s commandments. Note also that Ethiopia is the only country in Africa never to be colonised!

18  Let your fountain, the wife of your youth,
be blessed; find joy in her—
19  a lovely deer, a graceful fawn;
let her breasts satisfy you at all times,
always be infatuated with her love.
20  My son, why be infatuated with an unknown woman?
Why embrace the body of a loose woman?
21  For ADONAI [Yahweh] is watching a man’s ways;
he surveys all his paths.
22  A wicked person’s own crimes will trap him,
he will be held fast by the ropes of his sin.
23  He will die from lack of discipline;
the magnitude of his folly will make him totter and fall. (Proverbs 5 CJB).

Here the scripture in the sense of human relationships is exhorting us to remain faithful to the wife of our youth, our first love so to speak (though not all are lucky enough to find someone that way, we can all take it as our wife/husband and not another extra-marital partner). In a spiritual sense, this means to remain faithful to God and His truth, and not to stray into the desire for spiritual adultery and whoredom, that being these “new” teachings which are not from God but are from man, purely to serve the interests of man, which sadly will always leave some people at a loss.

Africa, wake up and realise your true worth! Repair the breaches in your spiritual defenses and ready yourself for a revival of all things, because the power that is within you when fully realised through the one true God, is greater than the power of the satanic error ridden doctrines that have dominated you for the last 500 years. In my lifetime I want to see this happen, please share and teach!

British Colonialism v2.0 (The Spiders Web)

It’s strange that every country seems to be in debt, and at a time when we are in a health crisis that the stock market is allegedly booming in some sectors, while the poor get poorer, big companies are bailed out by the taxpayer, and then some even sue the government for loss of profits, while the same said government has to be forced into an embarrassing u-turn on feeding poor children over the school holidays. Where does all our wealth go as UK citizens? Why are we caught out by a pandemic and seemingly having to falsify our death rate not to appear in the top 2 countries affected by Covid-19? Doesn’t this just reveal how poor our investment in our own infrastructure and essential services is, while at the drop of a hat we can bail out big business. What hypocrisy!

It’s made worse when you realise that the empire Britain built in its heyday is still effectively in place, and than money from large companies, illicit arms and drug deals all filter through some former (and existing) colonial territories and dependent territories, some of which are even linked to where The Queen stashes some of her wealth as revealed in The Panama Papers.  The video below, “The Spiders Web”, is a really good insight into how physical colonialism has morphed into a financial colonialism, perhaps a more respectable arm of The British Empire, while it remains hidden!


The United Kingdom is by no means a true friend to Africa and the “Commonwealth Nations” within it, it makes big companies based abroad pay as little tax as possible to African nations, so there is less wealth kept in Africa to help build it up. Then it shouts about how much aid it sends to Africa like it is making a big sacrifice!  Some additional reading is provided below, which goes to show what a sham the British establishments claims on transparency and good governance or co-operation with its Commonwealth members really is.

Tulsa (USA) vs Oriana (South Africa)

Compare what happened in Tulsa (a wealthy black community being destroyed during the race riots of 1921) with what is happening in Oriana, South Africa, where white people have a thriving community.

Black people in Tulsa were the descendants of former slaves, taken from their homelands by force, they didn’t choose to be where they were, but tried to make the best of their situation. White people in South Africa are invaders who took what they have by force and held onto power for years despite much of the world being disgusted at their oppressive regime.

White people will not let black people live in peace, yet black people will let White people live in peace and flourish! Which of us is really more civilised and why does the white race continually show a narcissistic attitude of hate toward black people in every way possible?

See this article: ‘An indictment of South Africa’: whites-only town Orania is booming

Tracing the roots of racism and white supremacy in Britain, Europe and The United States of America

Thinking on the roots of Racism in Britain, Europe and The United States. The world is messed up because of Europeans ruthless exploitation of four things; religion (distorted), people, land and property.

I’ve posted before about the Papal Bull Dum Diversas, issued on 18 June, 1452, Pope Nicholas V which opened up the way for “The Age of Discovery” and gave a religious backing to European monarchy’s and nations to go to all parts of the earth and plunder and enslave any nations that were not “Christian”. This is diametrically opposed and completely out of line to the message of The Gospel, which had been in existence for well over a thousand years at that point. Let’s think of the misery that 250 years or more of slavery caused, that’s more than 8 generations of life born into a system that treats people as subhuman, enduring long hard physical work, without pay, beatings, lynchings, forced conversion to religion, mass baptisms in which people died, and I could go on. Think of that and compare it with what Yahshua (Jesus) said:

“The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure.”
John 10:10 CJB

The Gospel should give people freedom, not enslave.

I figure if these European institutions hadn’t realised what the truth of the message of the Gospel was by that point, they probably never will, and perhaps this is borne out by later Pope’s allegedly giving their blessing to infamous characters such as Hitler and Mussolini. All this under the Papal dogma of infallibility, The Pope can do no wrong and does not make errors in judgement. We need to discredit the Papal regime because it’s institution has caused untold suffering and misery on earth. Just look at what is happening in these days with The Papacies cover up of child abuse, and tell me that in all sincerity this “church” is a church that honours God!? Yahshua said:

Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me; and whoever ensnares one of these little ones who trust me, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the open sea! Woe to the world because of snares! For there must be snares, but woe to the person who sets the snare!” (Matthew 18:5-7 CJB)

To extend my argument about the misuse of religion by Europeans let’s look at the concept of British Israelism. This is a pseudoarchaeological false doctrine that arguably underpins the notion of The British Empire being ordained by God to go out across the earth and conquer, subdue and “Christianise”, or rather indoctrinate people into a belief system, that sees their colonisers as having God given rights to do what they will, a kind of Stockholm Syndrome caused by fake religion – that isn’t to say belief in Yah is fake, but one has to be careful of what doctrines on believes, and to do this one has to read and understand the scriptures, because if you don’t someone will always use scripture against you.

British Israelism is one of the most ridiculous interpretations of scripture ever, period. It is so utterly fake, even their logo looks like a Ku Klux Klan ripoff, we are looking at the psuedo-intellectual version of the same in the UK here. British Israelism tries to argue that the inhabitants of the British Isles, some parts of Northern Europe and subsequently The United States are descendants of Jewish people expelled from Israel when it was crushed by The Roman Empire in AD70. The doctrine implies that Israels “old covenant” remit to drive out nations will applies to their colonial exploits, even though the scriptures state that God promised Israel a specific portion of land, not many lands all over the world.

According to archaeologist John Hoopes, writing in the magazine of the Society for American Archaeology, “Pseudoarchaeology actively promotes myths that are routinely used in the service of white supremacy, racialized nationalism, colonialism, and the dispossession and oppression of indigenous peoples.” (Source Wikipedia)

It wouldn’t surprise me if in the future we find out that the far right in the UK, The Police, The Army, Politicians and The Monarchy are all to some degree in step and agreement with British Israelism’s beliefs. British Israelism is also known as Ephraimite Ideology. Know for certain that the bible has something clear and damning to say about people who pretend to be Jews who are not:

“I know how you are suffering and how poor you are (though in fact you are rich!), and I know the insults of those who call themselves Jews but aren’t—on the contrary, they are a synagogue of the Adversary. Don’t be afraid of what you are about to suffer. Look, the Adversary is going to have some of you thrown in prison, in order to put you to the test; and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful, even to the point of death; and I will give you life as your crown. (Revelation 2:9/10)

You can see how European use of religion demeans people in order to exploit them, their land and their property. It may sound harsh to say this because churches are all about love nowadays, but the love the church shows now is built on a premise of exploitation, and this exploitation has never been recognised adequately or recompensed. The same can be said for all European nations and the nations of The America’s, Australia and others.

When these belief systems are still taught, clung to by the establishment, when we have to protect the statues of people who exploited tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands if not millions of people on earth, its no wonder people want to protest! When people look at the inequalities that exist today and try to divorce it from the context of history to perpetuate the myths of black inferiority, side-stepping the issue, coming up with ideas that fix the manifestations of racism, but don’t tackle the root cause; this shows that as a society we are still not ready to face up to the sea change in society that has to happen to enable true equality.

I finish encouraging you to watch this video featuring Black Lives Matter’s Kimberly Jones. I don’t agree with rioting, but I understand the message she is presenting. The monopoly analogy is good.

Explanation of the above video, if it is needed:

Ask me about the weakness of Africa? Why is Africa poor & why we are not United?

Just had to respond to this on Facebook.

1) African countries need to toughen up their laws to stop foreign companies from extracting wealth and paying them very little for it. Also the contracts that these foreign companies have, need to be scrutinised to see if they were made fairly, or whether they can be revoked and the resources exploited returned to African control.

2) Corruption in Africa makes Africa weak. Wealth needs to be pushed back into the country, not kept in the hands of the few.

3) Africa being split up into small countries makes its bargaining power on the world stage small. As one union, with such a mass of natural resources that the so called developed world needs, being able to dictate pricing rather than accept it is key to building wealth.

4) African governments need to invest in people to do the work which “social conditioning” makes people think only whites and foreigners can do the work. If Africa did this industries could be built with indigenous people, rather than black people in menial low paid roles and others at the top creaming off the big pay.

5) War and division in Africa makes it weak. The times are such that people need to come together to build unity, strength and a future rather than squabble over the scraps those who promote an agenda of decide and conquer love to leave for us.

6) I also think religion on Africa is a problem, Virulent forms of Christianity and Islam have worked they way into the content and led historically to many Africans being enslaved, and to conflict in the present day. Any religion accepted by Africans must be true, and I am not talking about being allowed to worship “god’s” that people make with their own hands, but at the same time, a “god” fashioned in the image of people who enslave you is no better. Africa needs to dig deep for spiritual truth.

7) The African relationship with The Diaspora makes Africa weak. We are two halves or pieces of the same cloth torn apart by evil forces, and while we are divided in such a way, those evil forces continue to conquer us both in the land and outside of it. If and when we join to create a unity, sharing resources, talents, vision and the work!I think Africa and Africans will be unstoppable!

The power of blackness?

As a child I cam to know Yah through reading His Word, because I had the question who was the first man and woman on the earth, and I read Genesis and subsequently most of the “Old Testament”. My father was baptised but not church going, he was a humble man who left school at the age of 11 in Jamaica to work in the cane fields. My mother also left school at an early age (13) to become a seamstress, and she wasn’t baptised or a believer. Also living with us was my uncle, he was an elder in a church, a gifted singer and accordion player.

In our house, there was a picture on the wall outside the living room of a white man on a cloud wearing a white robe with a purple sash, and I always wondered who it was? I think it was my father who told me that is “Jesus” and Jesus is God. I think it is called cognitive dissonance, because when I read the scriptures in Exodus about Israel being released from captivity by God, I always assumed the Israelites were black.

Much has happened to challenge my faith over the years, some of which I know others will identify with, such as being brought up in a religious system that incorporates paganism (Sunday Sabbath, Christmas, Easter etc), being systematically taught through religion, language, law, financial distribution and social institutions that I am second place in a society that values whiteness, and how Eurocentric whiteness frames what justice is as the norm for the world (if you consider that America is essentially an offshoot of Europe which has surpassed Europe in power, and that the Chinese are still-up-and -coming in terms of world control).

What strikes me at this time is that The Hebrew Israelite movement focuses a lot on America, yet there are populations of black people in The Caribbean, South America, and Europe also. In fact I have heard that most slaves taken from Africa were sent to South America. Anyway my first question is, do Hebrew Israelites consider only American black people to be true Hebrews?

My second question is one that relates more to the title of the thread. Given that black people have undeniably built the foundations of these white societies and have caused them to have wealth, which they extracted from us more times than not by force or trickery, and seeing that we have been denied an equal footing in society, and it appears that instead of justice getting closer, it ebbs ever further away as white supremacy rises, my question is, why aren’t the thoughts of a black leader like Marcus Garvey taken up and by our race. I mean what are we in a position to do, plead, ask, demand or take justice from this white supremacist regime that not only exploits black people in America, but in Europe, South America and in Africa too, through the continual looting of illegally gained resources, raping the land and leaving behind toxic scars that kill the inhabitants. Why is it that we are waiting for God to come back and put an end to all this, and why isn’t it that black people aren’t taking up the challenge to divert the force of our own intellect, labour and capital to build up Africa – a land which offers true opportunity for us, rather than us continue to contribute through blood, sweat and tears into to a system that drives us to our graves and offers us knees on the neck, flavoured with slaps in the face and hypocrisy on the way?

What wealth do the nations that we currently live in truly poses? An old Aswad (UK Reggae band) record from way back has the line “Son’s of criminals found wanting”, steal the land, steal the resources, marginalise the oppressed, demonise the anyone who shows they are awake (woke), turn justice into bitterness (Amos 5:7) and repeat… When a nation gains wealth by those means, truly, of what value would that wealth be to someone else? Tainted riches are always tainted aren’t they? Isn’t true wealth to have pleasure in the fruit of your labour knowing that you have gained your wealth by fair means? Isn’t it being able to raise your children in a system that doesn’t systematically exploit them in every which way it can in order for its demonically influenced hegemonic superiority to be maintained?

George Floyd: Manifestations of a greater evil

This week I became overwhelmed by my social media feeds at the amount of posts I was seeing concerning black people who had been killed or murdered by the police in America.

The case most in focus is the case of George Floyd detained by the police for allegedly using a forged cheque and subsequently died after an officer knelt on his neck for somewhere between 5 and 8 minutes according to reports. The officers in question, principally Derek Chauvin, should be executed as an example to all policemen, they are here to serve and protect, not to behave like thugs who murder innocent people. The police have a responsibility to preserve justice for all, they should be accountable to a higher standard than a regular person, so they too should be judged more harshly for wrongdoing.

The majority of decent people get rightfully upset and angry about these kinds of incidents, and groups like Black Lives Matter are continually standing up the the rights of black people who have had their civil rights abused. What strikes me though, is that we keep seeing these things happen, we get angry about the manifestations of racism and injustice, but have we really established what the root cause is.

I’d always assumed that racism today was linked to slavery, the misuse of the bible by so-called Christians, the Papal proclamations that appear assign perpetual servitude to our race – and of course these things are hugely relevant, but in approaching this subject what most people seem to be doing is just touching the surface of the problem and not getting to the root, like treating the symptoms of a disease, without providing an actual cure. People get emotional about the issue, and let’s face it, it’s difficult not to, but actually in the heat of emotion we miss the voice of The Spirit, and we often miss wisdom and knowledge. What has getting angry done, has it stopped these attacks? Has it changed the way white people view black people? Has it ensured that people who commit these crimes are tried with justice? Whatever the current strategy is needs a re-think, because clearly something isn’t working.

Black people sometimes really HATE The (“Christian”) Bibile

I guess the example of our former slave masters, their unrighteous and unjust actions in the past, avarice, inhumanity and their current day escapades across the earth causing division and misery among much of mankind has left a bitter taste for many black people, at the thought of acknowledging, let alone embracing “Christianity”, and even I hate to use the term “Christianity” because really we are looking at an extension of Judaism that accepts The Messiah (who Christians call “Christ”), rather than a completely new religion which changes all the original names and symbols and waters down the meaning of the truth, so that error might be introduced!
I do believe black people need to re-evaluate The Bible from a different perspective, not one clouded by our former slave masters prejudice or imperfection.
What do I mean??
A knife used by an unskillful person can cause injury to themselves.
A knife used by a malicious person can cause harm or death to others.
A knife used by a person, even with moderate skill, can prepare food that is good to eat.
The fact that knives can be used for bad, doesn’t mean that we hate knives, are suspicious of them and never use them.
In the same way, The Bible’s use by unskillful and malicious people shouldn’t detract others from determining the true purpose for which it was intended!

Is Covid-19 a genetically engineered disease targeted at black people that has GONE WRONG!!!???

I can’t believe I am writing this! Am I crazy? I’m starting to think Covid-19 is a genetically engineered virus created to destroy black people, that has “gone wrong” killing many people it was not supposed to.

I wouldn’t put it past a type of people who are fuelled by avarice and a lack of respect for human life, because they idolise their own appearance (race) so much, to be behind something like this.

It comes as no surprise at the moment at least, because of the rise of right-wing governments in many parts of the world.

Every day I’m seeing how much some people in society hate black people, stupid shootings over nothing, police brutality, institutions failing us over and over again, there is something ingrained in our societies consciousness that devalues, marginalises and then demonises black – period!

When I look at history, I’ve seen these scientists deliberately inject syphilis into black people and deliver all kinds of diseases, sit back, watch and write their theses. I’ve read books by Eugenicist thinkers that go into some detail to explain how they believe that black people are sub-human.

Maybe this world changing event is just Eugenics taken a step forward. Maybe it’s not “Fear of a black planet”, but “Fear of any black people on the planet”.

I believe Eugenics will backfire, I found this scripture which seems to fit…

“However, these people insult anything they don’t understand; and what they do understand naturally, without thinking, like animals—by these things they are destroyed!” (Jude 10)

The weapons they create to destroy us destroy themselves.

And scripture says “No weapon made will prevail against you.” (Isa 54:17)

So, a message to my believing friends and family.

There are a lot of people who are confused by the anguish in the world. As soon as they see something dramatic, they associate it with God. This is a knee jerk reaction. The key is to remain calm.

Coronavirus is not from God but from man.

Remember this virus outbreak was “foretold” in fictional books (very loosely) by Nostradamus (don’t know the title of that book) and then Dean Koontz “The Eyes of Darkness” (1981) that were both sold for money.

Ask yourself the question. Do God’s people receive notice of His works by paying for it?  Is this the way God’s people will receive prophecy? No prophet in the bible charges for their work!

Yahshua (Jesus) said “Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Remember it was Balaam who prophesied against God’s people for money (Numbers chapters 22-24). We also read this about false teachers we need to be aware of:

“They have left the straight way and wandered off to follow the way of Balaam son of Beor, who loved the wages of wickedness.” (2 Peter 2:15)

Notice how slow things have moved since we first heard about Coronavirus (even since it became a “real thing” and not something fictional/or just in China), and how governments are worried about their economies – even to the point of delaying measures to prevent the spread of the virus and source adequate protective equipment to some of the people society depends on to save lives?

We are truly finding out the value of human life to some people.

Where there is loss, there is always profit.

Remember, there are always works done by men controlled by evil. Jannes and Jambres mimicked God’s works and opposed Moses (2 Timothy 3:8).

Please, don’t be deceived by man’s power that either tries to mask itself as the power of God or is wrongly interpreted as such. Do not be afraid:

If you say, “The LORD is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. (Psalm 91:9&10)

“Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea” (Psalm 46:2).

Pay attention to what is going on, but with a strength of faith like this who needs to fear Coronavirus, 5G, Agenda 2030 or whatever is being cooked up by those who are never satisfied with their control, power and wealth?