Hitler, Nazi Occultism, Eugenics, Population Control and the Creation of Race

I had no idea that Hitler took his ideologies about race from a British man, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, and fused this with German mythology, occult practices, population control and Eugenics (another British idea courtesy of Sir Francis Galton), to create the Nazi movement.

It seems we are still battling today over many of the same issues in the Western world.

British Colonialism v2.0 (The Spiders Web)

It’s strange that every country seems to be in debt, and at a time when we are in a health crisis that the stock market is allegedly booming in some sectors, while the poor get poorer, big companies are bailed out by the taxpayer, and then some even sue the government for loss of profits, while the same said government has to be forced into an embarrassing u-turn on feeding poor children over the school holidays. Where does all our wealth go as UK citizens? Why are we caught out by a pandemic and seemingly having to falsify our death rate not to appear in the top 2 countries affected by Covid-19? Doesn’t this just reveal how poor our investment in our own infrastructure and essential services is, while at the drop of a hat we can bail out big business. What hypocrisy!

It’s made worse when you realise that the empire Britain built in its heyday is still effectively in place, and than money from large companies, illicit arms and drug deals all filter through some former (and existing) colonial territories and dependent territories, some of which are even linked to where The Queen stashes some of her wealth as revealed in The Panama Papers.  The video below, “The Spiders Web”, is a really good insight into how physical colonialism has morphed into a financial colonialism, perhaps a more respectable arm of The British Empire, while it remains hidden!


The United Kingdom is by no means a true friend to Africa and the “Commonwealth Nations” within it, it makes big companies based abroad pay as little tax as possible to African nations, so there is less wealth kept in Africa to help build it up. Then it shouts about how much aid it sends to Africa like it is making a big sacrifice!  Some additional reading is provided below, which goes to show what a sham the British establishments claims on transparency and good governance or co-operation with its Commonwealth members really is.

Tulsa (USA) vs Oriana (South Africa)

Compare what happened in Tulsa (a wealthy black community being destroyed during the race riots of 1921) with what is happening in Oriana, South Africa, where white people have a thriving community.

Black people in Tulsa were the descendants of former slaves, taken from their homelands by force, they didn’t choose to be where they were, but tried to make the best of their situation. White people in South Africa are invaders who took what they have by force and held onto power for years despite much of the world being disgusted at their oppressive regime.

White people will not let black people live in peace, yet black people will let White people live in peace and flourish! Which of us is really more civilised and why does the white race continually show a narcissistic attitude of hate toward black people in every way possible?

See this article: ‘An indictment of South Africa’: whites-only town Orania is booming

Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam

What a magnificent achievement. Ethiopia who has most of its people living on less than $2 a day has managed to raise $4bn dollars to build the Africa’s largest hydro-electric dam, with no help from foreign donors.

It seems like this could cause some regional instability though as water resources in the region are in a delicate balance.

Dumping the CFA franc!

Its good to hear that nations formally colonised by France and subject to a stranglehold on their wealth because of French domination are finally getting their own currency so that they can ditch the CFA Franc. At least that’s the plan, there are hurdles to overcome.

Here is an Al Jazeera article on this story.

Here is a link to The European Union vs French Colonial Taxes, where I wrote about the mind boggling amount that France extracts from these countries each year.

The lingering legacy of colonialisation

Another great Al Jazeera report. Who would have though that our current refugee crisis can be linked right back to colonialism, and the need for colonial powers to maintain their grip on the resources the raped countries to obtain centuries ago.

Europe’s Forbidden Colony

Well, actually, I had figured it out already. Even though I am European, and British in fact, I still can’t help but feel excluded, out of step with, and ultimately disgusted by the colonial powers that have and continue to exploit the whole world in a crass show of hypocritical civilisation.

The European Union vs French Colonial Taxes

There has been a lot of talk recently about how UK citizens pay more to The European Union than they receive back from the EU in terms of funding. In many ways that shouldn’t be a surprise, because any system of government that you pay money into has to extract more than it pays out, otherwise it will bankrupt itself.

It’s interesting that the United Kingdom spends is around 2.33% of it’s GDP on membership of the European Union, according to the Office of National Statistics (£18.9bn of £814.6bn in 2016 –  apparently this represents around 1% of UK GDP.) It’s a large sum of money, that although relatively small in comparison with our large economy has sparked deep feelings of animosity, coupled with a resentment of European Institutions and the laws they set which impact the lives of UK citizens. Some people in the UK feel this situation around Brexit could lead to violence on the streets of the UK.

What is a surprise, however, is that 14 African Francophone countries (formerly French colonies) pay France, a single country – not a union representing 27 countries, $500bn per year. On average that works out at £27.29bn for each of the 14 countries involved who have far less strong economies than the UK, and are considered for less “developed” than the UK also.

One wonders why when people fear violence on the streets of a “first world” economy over Brexit, why it isn’t more obvious that discord exists in many African countries because of the ties to leech-like foreign regimes that bleed their countries dry and leave the people to fight over the scraps of what is left! What would happen in the UK if we ever had such a situation thrust upon us?

Thanks to my work colleague Abeyomi who shared this video with me, that was a revelation, and made me decide to write about the plight of some African countries in terms that people from the UL might understand:

Further Reading:
African Heritage: The 11 Components of The French Colonial Tax in Africa
South African History Online: The Berlin Conference 1884-1885

Impose sanctions on France because of its policies in Africa?

It may have come about as a result of a diplomatic spat, France and Italy in disagreement over each others refusal to accept certain refugees, but actually the utterance of the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio is strangely honest and accurate, for he said.

“France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts…”

The currency he is speaking of is the CFA franc, a colonial-era currency backed by the French treasury. Mr di Maio hinted at France manipulating countries who use the currency.

So it isn’t just me that can see the effects of colonialism and its latter day manifestations are having on the African continent. To see Africa Prosper, exploitation and colonialism must be stopped. But the fact is those who colonize and exploit African countries “need” to do so to boost their economies. As Mr di Maio again said “if it wasn’t for Africa, France would rank 15th among world economies, not in the top six”.

So there you have it, European countries complain about migrants but are major contributors to the migrant problem, through colonialism, capitalist exploitation, and destabilization. We drive policy where our hearts lead us, Europe values profit and power over humanitarian need and justice.