Eric Garner: Part way to justice

The New York Police Department has finally fired Daniel Pantaleo over Eric Garner’s chokehold death in 2014. For me this is years too late, and Pantaleo has only lost his job, he should be imprisoned for what he did. The video of what happened as part a newsclip is available below. It doesn’t even look like he has resisting arrest, and there is literally never a reason to choke someone to death!

America, wake up please! We are drifting back to the days where black people will be lynched in the streets by hateful white bigots. When society has lost the sensibility to realise quickly that an incident like what happened to Eric Garner should be dealt with severely and swiftly, we can see that a malaise of injustice has already set in.

Full story courtesy of Al Jazeera

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