What mindset makes behaviour like this happen?

A black man being handcuffed and attached to a rope by two policemen on horseback… Yes America does have a problem with white supremacy, racism, and inequality.

I’m sure there are all sorts of laws those officers broke in terms of duty of care of a detainee, and I don’t know if the apology for this incident was sincere, but at least the minds of those in power actually still sometimes recognise when an apology is needed. Let’s press on against such behaviour to make sure we don’t let the conscience of people become so seared and callous that no one even thinks about apologising – that’s the danger of the drip, drip effect of incidents like this.

However, it really is more than an apology that is needed, not only for Mr Neely in this case, but to the blight on black people’s lives that is the taint that white supremacist, racist and discriminatory behaviour etches and leaves perpetually. This disease in white society gives life to a lasting infectious scourge on the lives of human beings who deserve so much more than to be defined by people who haven’t yet learned the ability to respect themselves, for if they did respect themselves they would see the humanity in the people they hate and abuse and would refrain from such actions, therefore they can not respect others because they do not have the capacity to do so.

Such people damage themselves and the society they live in, they lower the tone of humanity and civility. Ironically, such people take on the sub-human traits of people who they falsely believe are sub-human, its a form of psychological “projection”, sad, pitiful and only destined to end in insanity and empty delusion for those who do not find their way out of it.

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