Africa, adultery and religion

The main aim of this article is to describe Africa’s relationship to God and religion, and how following the wrong kind of religion can have disastrous effects.

Would you expect a man be angry if his wife cheated on him? Of course you would!  Men plot revenge, fight, take back or destroy gifts; the act of cheating or adultery (by either spouse) is a cause of pain that not only affects the couple(s) involved, but also the children, relatives and even friends who are aware of the situation.

In the so called “Old Testament” or The Law (Torah) and The Prophets as Yahshua (Jesus) referred to it, Yahweh, on many occasions describes his relationship with Israel, his chosen people, likening it to the relationship between a husband and an unfaithful wife. Perhaps for people aware of scripture Hosea is the book of The Bible most frequently referred to in this respect.

Looking at the “New Testament” or B’rit Hadashah which informs us about The New Covenant, you might be surprised that not a great deal has has changed in terms of the Yah’s people going astray. The relationship between Yahweh and His people, “Israel”, the community of believers also known as The Assembly or “Church” is likened to the relationship between a husband Yah or Yahshua and a wife, the Apostle Paul tells us:

There is profound truth hidden here, which I say concerns the Messiah and the Messianic Community (Eph 5:31–32 CJB)

Actually, that profound truth, or mystery as some translations put it, was well known among Jews and anyone familiar with the Torah.  I want to suggest that in our current time, the relationship between Yahweh and The Community of believers or Church is the same as it ever was in terms of it being similar to the relationship between a man and his wife.  Let’s look at this scripture in Revelation:

Then came one of the angels with the seven bowls; and he said to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great whore who is sitting by many waters.  The kings of the earth went whoring with her, and the people living on earth have become drunk from the wine of her whoring.”  (Revelation  17 1&2 CJB).

I want to plainly interpret that scripture for you and say that this “great whore” refers to false religion AND the apostate community of “believers” or the apostate church. To become drunk with the “wine of her whoring” refers to having an understanding of life that comes from accepting a system borne of a spirit of error, rebellion and godlessness, this leads the mind to become “drunk”, and as one does when one is drunk, one finds it difficult to think clearly and act in a sensible manner.

Now I want to relate what I am writing to the situation specifically in Africa, but also in many parts of the world with often vibrant “Christian” communities which are poor and suffering. Let’s look at this chapter of scripture, Proverbs chapter 5:

1  My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
incline your ear to my understanding;
2  so that you will preserve discretion
and your lips keep watch over knowledge.

3  For the lips of a woman who is a stranger drop honey,
her mouth is smoother than oil;

Note that the “woman who is a stranger” is the same as an adulteress or whore. I want to suggest that false religion and the apostate body of believers entice people with “smooth words”, “she” may look beautiful from the outside with magnificent buildings, a great reputation and have the appearance of warmth, but..

4  but in the end she is as bitter as wormwood,
sharp as a double-edged sword.
5  Her feet go down to death,
her steps lead straight to Sh’ol;
6  she doesn’t walk the level path of life—
her course wanders all over, but she doesn’t know it.

This means that the woman, doesn’t even realise that her way of life is corrupt. The same can be said for the apostate Church, they don’t know that what they do is wrong. Am I being harsh here? I think not, for scripture says “there are those pure in their own eyes but not yet cleansed of their filth” (Proverbs 30:12) which I am going to link with what Yahshua said of people who actually call on his name and claim to work miracles in his name, yet He will say to them “Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!” (Matthew 7:21-23).

7  So now, children, listen to me;
don’t turn away from what I am saying:
8  distance your way from her,
stay far from the door of her house;
9  so that you won’t give your vigor to others
and your years to someone who is cruel,
10  so strangers won’t be filled with your strength
and what you worked for go to a foreign house.

And here is the key, the adulterer, loose woman, or whore has a “house” which you could in parallel see as a “church”, and we are told not to go there, and even to distance ourselves from it, because if we do enter in, we are in danger of seeing all the things that we work for go to someone else.  In the physical realm this could be because such women want payment, favours, or you may have a child by such a woman and have to pay for the child’s upkeep.

However, in a spiritual sense this can also relate to Africa. African’s are zealous for God, and indeed have many God’s, but the religion with the most impact on many African’s is arguably Christianity, because if its heavy links to The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Colonialisation, and the continuation of the subjugation of the continent, as if by remote control, by the military, economic, social, linguistic, cultural (etc) forces of Europe, America, China, etc. Couldn’t Africa, if you imagine it as a person, be described as one who is giving their wealth and strength to others, whose toil is enriching foreigners, but who remains poor?

I want to suggest that the form of religion many African’s have taken up is an adulterous one, yes, and even more specifically the Christians. The apostate church has forsaken the law of God (note Proverbs 28:4), and by this I don’t mean offering sacrifices, look at what Yahshua said in Matthew 5:17-20 in particular, but all of Yahshua’s teaching and truly understand that when Yahshua said “it is finished” (John 19:28-30), he didn’t mean the law or Torah is done away with, but the earthly administration of The Law is over. Yahshua became The Sacrifice (note Isaiah 66:3 & 4, 1 John 2:2), The Priest (Hebrews 9), The King (Revelation 19:16). Yahweh isn’t the author of confusion, so he wouldn’t declare that heaven and earth would pass away before the smallest part of a word would disappear from the law or Torah, and then within years cancel the law by the death of His Son on the cross.

Africa has taken up the adulterated whorish version of Christianity which is the offspring of ROME (even if you are Protestant), and not the offspring of JERUSALEM. In the Christian tradition, God’s law is set aside as a pattern of obedience in preference to something “new”, and just as the adulterer(ess) will not stay faithful to the “old” and known pleasures of his rightful wife (or husband), but wants to try something “new”; so too the apostate church goes in search of many “new” teachings, often with the appearance that they are based on scripture, when in reality they are loose interpretations of scripture that encourage us to abandon in some respect the old commandments that God gave his faithful to obey, and which The New Covenant states will be written in our heart.

This “new” teaching of the apostate church seems beautiful on the outside, we may have been enticed by smooth words, nice songs, colourful pictures, ornate buildings; but the reality is this teaching has made Africa poor. “We’ve loved Jesus Christ so much, but our wealth is taken from us, we’ve been enslaved, raped, plundered, and it never seems to end, first the Europeans, now the Chinese. We convert factories into churches and pray for jobs, and our miracle healers stayed at home during Covid-19.” Africa, where has your freedom gone? How has your wealth been extracted? Where is the benefit from the faith you have and the tithes you paid? Must Africa always rely on handouts and aid from the “developed world” rather than independently support itself? This is a critical question when you consider that Africa is central to the wealth the “developed world” has amassed over the years because of the ruthless extraction of labour and resources and also realise that Africa is a net creditor to the rest of the world, yes, more comes out of Africa in terms of wealth (resources and labour) than what goes into it in terms of Aid.

In the USA there have been arguments about “defunding” the police, taking away its resources and putting them into programs of work that focus on policing at a community level. So we could apply the same concept of “defunding” to The churches in Africa. Why pay your tithes and offerings into an organisation that isn’t working for you, an organisation that is adulterous because of its links with paganism (Christmas, Easter, Sunday worship, the obelisk in St Peters Square etc), an organisation that has the roots of its existence, not in Jerusalem, not even in any country in Africa, but in Rome or even England.

If the faith of the congregation you are part of is so shallow that you are taught lawless chaff that will only serve to lead you away from God and the truth is not preached; and if there are no miracles and gifts of The Spirit, no true healing, no prophecy that is affirmed and comes to pass, why are you paying money into that church?  Why are you feeding on its doctrines? You are effectively paying money to an adulterous woman or a whore, who will not satisfy your deep spiritual needs.  Let’s face it some churches act like a spiritual ponzi (or pyramid) scheme, lots of people paying into it, and putting effort into it, but the only people at the top get the benefits.

Yahshua said he came to give you life in abundance (John 10:10), and that may not mean earthly riches for everyone, but equally it doesn’t mean that generations of people should be enslaved to false doctrines, as if being hoodwinked and waylaid by the evil teachings of people with a callous disregard for God truth and all humanity.

The fact is the “Christianity” Europeans teach is tied to paganism, that’s why these “new” doctrines you wont actually be able to find in scripture. Don’t get me wrong, you will find the scripture the doctrine is based on, but you won’t find that doctrine actually taught or commanded in scripture. Many false teachings require “reading into”, “heavy interpretation”, “additional knowledge” or just plain old imagination to make people who are naive and weak minded accept error for truth!  We can’t just accept what people say, we have to test it! Know your Bible, know your freedom!

The Roman Empire started first with conquest, then transformed into religion. Initially The Romans had a big issue with Israel, because Israel was the only kingdom that was monotheistic (only serving one God) that Rome wanted to conquer, and it cost the Romans heavily to capture Jerusalem and destroy the temple. Doesn’t it seem strange that the Romans then made a beautiful cathedral and chose to make themselves the spiritual home of a “copy religion” of a nation it had just all but destroyed? This was a very symbolic event, and one should understand the counterfeit nature of The Roman Catholic Church (and all denominations that hold to any part of its “new” false teachings), that it has created a polytheistic religion (worship of more than one God) and packaged it up as if it is the only truth, indeed it proclaims to be the “Universal Church”.

The Roman Catholic Church, in my opinion, was the major driver in introducing through the “Doctrine of Discovery”, the basis for White Supremacy to enter into the world. The nefarious Pope Nicholas V’s proclamation of the Papal Bull entitled Dum Diversas (1452) gave European kings the right to conquer lands and perpetually enslave peoples. Numerous churches latched on to that twisting scripture, and again coming up with false doctrines to justify their reading of God’s Word.  Through this doctrine, Europeans embarked on a greedy rampage which saw them spread over 4 continents of the world, and to this day, so heavy are the chains of their false teachings, that many Africans really believe that Christianity, even the religion of The Bible condones The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. That false teaching has affected 500 years of the development of African people on this planet. Loss of property, land, resources, history and led even to people becoming property is directly as a result of this Catholic teaching, and many other churches that have, as if in unison of spirit agreed with Rome’s accord.

It’s important to realise that false teaching isn’t just a matter of intellectual acceptance, we accept these teachings in our spirit, and that is more dangerous. The spirit drives the intellect and not the other way around.

11  Then, when your flesh and bones have shrunk,
at the end of your life, you would moan,
12  “How I hated discipline!
My whole being despised reproof,
13  I ignored what my teachers said,
I didn’t listen to my instructors.
14  I took part in almost every kind of evil,
and the whole community knew it.”

When we seen the effects of relations with an adulteress or a whore, whether that be a physical woman or an church that teaches error, we will see that those effects are negative – losing your wealth, time in terms of lost years in serving the cruel, wasted vigor and strength. One can see all those have happened to Africa, but all is not lost, there is still hope and a remedy:

15  Drink the water from your own cistern,
fresh water from your own well.
16  Let what your springs produce be dispersed outside,
streams of water flowing in the streets;
17  but let them be for you alone
and not for strangers with you.

Africa needs to establish it’s own interpretation of Christianity, going back to the truth of “The Way”, and not to rely on the colonial superstate religion that is European taught Christianity; whether that be Roman Catholicism or any branch of Sunday keeping covenant breaking Protestantism.  European influenced teachings must be driven out!  Rome has their Church, the English have their Church of England. Africa should have a congregation, perhaps following on from The Ethiopian Church, which has always had strong ties to Jerusalem, existed before The Roman Catholic Church, and actually observes God’s commandments. Note also that Ethiopia is the only country in Africa never to be colonised!

18  Let your fountain, the wife of your youth,
be blessed; find joy in her—
19  a lovely deer, a graceful fawn;
let her breasts satisfy you at all times,
always be infatuated with her love.
20  My son, why be infatuated with an unknown woman?
Why embrace the body of a loose woman?
21  For ADONAI [Yahweh] is watching a man’s ways;
he surveys all his paths.
22  A wicked person’s own crimes will trap him,
he will be held fast by the ropes of his sin.
23  He will die from lack of discipline;
the magnitude of his folly will make him totter and fall. (Proverbs 5 CJB).

Here the scripture in the sense of human relationships is exhorting us to remain faithful to the wife of our youth, our first love so to speak (though not all are lucky enough to find someone that way, we can all take it as our wife/husband and not another extra-marital partner). In a spiritual sense, this means to remain faithful to God and His truth, and not to stray into the desire for spiritual adultery and whoredom, that being these “new” teachings which are not from God but are from man, purely to serve the interests of man, which sadly will always lead to spiritual and material loss.

Africa, wake up and realise your true worth! Repair the breaches in your spiritual defenses and ready yourself for a revival of all things, because the power that is within you when fully realised through the one true God, is greater than the power of the satanic error ridden doctrines that have dominated you for the last 500 years. In my lifetime I want to see this happen, please share and teach!

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