What Christmas Means To Me

What Christmas means to me? Well, I don’t celebrate it anymore and although I appreciate part of the sentiment of Christmas, I believe it represents a distortion of the truth and promotes materialism, often at the expense of more noble things like truth, fairness and love.

Christmas itself, as we are told by the Church, is about the birth of the baby Yahshua (Jesus). On the level of truth, Jesus was never called Jesus! Jesus is a Greek name and the child was born to Jewish parents in Bethlehem in Israel, and by birth was named Yahshua!

The word Christ from which the word Christmas is formed was never a word linked to the person many people know as Jesus.  Again, Christ is a Greek word which denotes a pagan priest, and the roots of the true religion expressed in the (Christian) bible are totally opposed to paganism.  The word used in a biblical context is Messiah, not Christ.

The words Christ and Jesus are Greek “transliterations” of Jewish words, and many bibles even footnote the words “Yahshua” and “Messiah” when the words “Jesus” and “Christ” appear in the main body of text.

So, we have what is perhaps misnamed festival which is the focal point of the Christian calendar, and not only that, but “Jesus” wasn’t even born on December 25th or anywhere around that time!  We can tell this is the case by examining the scriptures relating to Yahshua’s birth (which would suggest some time between July and September). So why does the Church hang on to these “distortions”, when many people who have studied the bible, including the majority of those who hold office in the Church are aware of these inaccuracies?  Why not call Christmas something else, and if necessary celebrate the birth of Yahshua at the right time of year?  That’s something I’ll leave you to think about…

Having said all that, Christmas is a time when you get to spend time with people you care about (if you are lucky), and that is something good.  So I hope that for anyone reading this, that the Christmas season brings you joy, togetherness and makes you realise what is really important and special in your life.  Only, let those things we realise are important and special not be possessions but people, and let your joy and appreciation of them last more than for just a season.

Here’s a video that gives an intresting twist on this sublect!