A clear lack of care, honesty and integrity

How is it that five police officers, people that we should be able to look up to in order to keep us safe, are found to be involved in violent and deceitful behavior, and yet can go unpunished!

This is another tragic story involving Metropolitan Police officers who have “gone wrong” and the a member of the public, Sean Rigg, who suffered from mental health issues. In recent years society has really started to understand and be considerate toward people with Mental Health issues, children in school, employees in the workplace; and in this environment of understanding, it makes it all the more hypocritical and insensitive of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to clear the officers involved in this tragic incident of wrongdoing.

Why did the police officers sit on a man and restrain him for 7 minutes? Why didn’t they call an ambulance when it was clear the man was in need of help? Why did they lie about their actions and the state of Mr Rigg after he was taken into custody?

As is all too frequent with our establishment when they are in the wrong, they take years and drag out a families anguish before slapping them in the face with yet more injustice, much akin to the case of Stephen Lawrence.

When the people who are in authority are crooked, and that doesn’t just mean some police officers, but politicians too, when the society we live in lacks justice, it is no wonder that the people act with a disregard to the law and authority, it’s no wonder children are growing up unruly, feral, lacking aspiration – perhaps its a natural response in us to a society that is broken and corrupt.

Read more about the tragic details of this story on the link below, courtesy of BBC News.

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