The hypocrisy of the Qatar World Cup

OK, if migrant labourers died building stadiums and hotels etc for the World Cup, pick any number you want, and people aren’t truly sickened by that but are more worried about whether LGBTQ people will be arrested for contravening Qatar’s laws (noting UK held the World Wup in 1966 but didn’t legalise homosexuality until 1967); and if people are more worried about drinking bans in the stadiums than human life; this to me shows how our values are fundamentally wrong.

The choices and pleasures we can have shouldn’t be at the expense of another human’s life.

The more we go on thinking like this, the worse this “modern slavery” problem will become.

I’m sick of the World Cup, and it hasn’t even started yet! I won’t be watching.

Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery: Verdict

I’m pleased at the Ahmaud Arbery verdict. He can’t be brought back, but at least those who murdered him should serve time. I am overwhelmed with admiration for Ahmaud mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, who vowed to fight for justice and have several court cases pending separate to this one that has been ruled on. I also felt that the judge, Timothy Walmsley’s, comments were timeless – “In assuming the worst in others, we show our worst character”. This verdict gives me hope that their are people who understand and can work toward justice in America, still yet this countries true maturity can only be realised if murders based on race can be eliminated, and this requires a change in the heart, mind, and attitude of many people.

Photo courtesy Chris Christian

Covid-19 vaccine vial with syringe

Covid and Human Rights

People’s real human rights are being trampled by imaginary, made up human rights. You have the right to refuse medical treatment, but you don’t have the right to be treated by someone in the NHS who is vaccinated.

People who are vaccinated are not prevented from catching or spreading disease.

How many vaccines do you know of that require 3 doses in one year. Think back through history and consider it?

The world is one big science laboratory right now, and it isn’t funny.

Priti Patel

Patel bullying. With such a judgement, why are there no consequences?

I was surprised to hear that the trade unions case against Priti Patel’s case at the high court was lost. It seems like the judge has had to jump through hoops not to find her guilty and condemn the actions of PM Boris Johnson as biased. Is the judiciary in fear of exercising the correct level of judgement against politicians?

This is another in a long string of abuses of power, and one wonders, when our own citizens are being mistreated on our own shores, what will be the outcome for people who are not British born, both here, and on shores far away? I think Boris Johnson lacks empathy and integrity, the exact characteristics needed to make him a British despot unleashing a reign of terror on those both at home and abroad, under the banner of reviving the British Empire.

Full story: BBC

Cobalt Mining

Some time ago, we had a moral conflict about “Conflict Diamonds” Sadly, it seems whenever we enjoy luxuries and “progress” in one form or another, there is always someone else paying the price. We’ve been sold in glowing terms, the “green revolution” which will save the planet from the excesses of fossil fuels, and while that is great marketing, it is far from reality.

In places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, people work long shifts in very unsafe conditions to mine dangerous minerals like Cobalt (which itself causes cancer), that are key to our “green revolution” as these minerals help to make batteries and other essential components.

People die doing this work and it is often the only type of work they can do, they are virtually forced into it, and even children play their part and are dying too. These mining activities affect the wider community, and even the mining dust affects children who live nearby the mines.

You would think that the companies that take the Cobalt from these miners would pay them a decent wage, so that perhaps they could invest in decent infrastructure to make mining safe, not only for those that mine, but for the wider community. But no, Glencore who claim their “responsibly [is to] source the commodities that advance everyday life”, pays very little for this material before it is processed and sold for a whole lot more. Middle men who act as brokers often make the situation worse by using rigged scales and undervaluing what has been mined.

So before the developed world starts to congratulate itself for it’s green revolution, we should make sure that our progress is not yet again on the backs of those who are already suffering from environmental damage and disadvantage as a result of our last revolution (the industrial), have been kicked in the teeth by developed nations not paying attention to the self evident effects of climate change, and are having yet another burden placed on them, which will further deepen their suffering and the inequity that exists between them and us.

See more on this:

Tigray, Ethiopia. Photo courtesy Rod Waddington

The Ethiopian – Tigray Conflict

Ethiopia is the only ancient country in Africa which has never been colonised. The Europeans are making moves to destabilise it and put in power the people they want so that they can control it. Now, a coalition of people who are not even in Ethiopia are making demands of the Ethiopian government and threatening to overthrow it!

While no one can doubt the conflict between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray rebels is nasty and atrocities have been committted, the West must realise that sovereign nations have rights to quash rebellion in their own countries.

When western nations intervene in these situations by arming rebel groups and putting sanctions on governments that harm the people, they are using a very nefarious and evil form of control to change the power base in a country, and make no mistake this is deliberate. We’ve seen it all before, western nations wanting a regime change.

However what they fail to admit is that all nations have conflict and civil war, America had its own civil war, these are all part of how nations form and establish their identity. In Africa, I believe the struggles many nations had hundreds of years ago are happening today, and that could well be down to the huge impact the European borders that lie all over Africa, that have caused disruption to traditional lives. The looting of resources and people, and economic inequity in terms of currency valuations has an effec too. However, instead of African nations being allowed to grow and form as a natural progression of deciding their own conflicts, we have foreigners trying to manipulate the outcome in the name of “peace”.

Taking lessons in peace from a nation like America is a compete joke. They dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, carried on shamefully in the Vietnam War, used munitions that were coated with harmful chemicals that have harmed innocent civilians in Iraq long after the conflict ended, and we’ve seen their fruitless efforts in Afghanistan. Whenever they get involved, they make the situation WORSE, not better. Yet still they want to meddle, unwise people who repeat the same stupid “mistakes”, or so they would have us believe.

Why is it that western violence against other nations is ok in the eyes of the “international community”, but nations trying to manage conflict in their own borders is a terrible outrage?

This is hypocrisy and it saddens me. It is all part of the same old divide and conquer rhetoric of white supremacy, that has made the problem of conflict between our people worse for the last 500 years.

This article from Aljazeera explains more about the current situation in Ethiopia

Excessive force by the UK police

I’ve taken a special interest in Dalian Atkinson as he is from my home town of Ipswich.
If anything from reading the BBC News article, it looks like they should have cuffed Dalian while he was unresponsive after being tasered 3 times, rather than kicking him and hitting him with a baton! Honestly, do we really employ people like this at all, let alone in the police force?
Full story on BBC News

When foreigners decide your borders

Whatever England (and many other nations for that matter) are doing to define and enforce borders isn’t working. Look at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, where through careful negotiations the borders were set! We are being told one hundred years later, violence, discord and many of the same problems that existed at the time of drawing those borders still exist!

Now, if that’s the case for prosperous nations like Ireland and Northern Ireland,  having their borders set by England, a nation which shares much of its heritage; what will be the outcome for nations which have their borders set by foreigners and don’t share a common heritage with them?

  • Add to that having your resources owned by foreigners.
  • Add to that poverty and desperation for the resources that exist.
  • Add to that cultural and language barriers.
  • Add to that issues caused by religious differences.
  • Add to that the pressure to modernise, driving African countries into a system of world domination that not only exploits them but ruins the natural environment.

Africa doesn’t need colonial borders or borders set by any foreigner. Set your own destiny and forget what the Europeans are doing – #WakeYourLeadersUp

Foreign military presence in Africa

I know Nigeria has its problems with Boko Haram and groups like them, but really it is embarrassing to see African leaders seek the protections of their oppressors, the Europeans and Americans, to provide military protection in Africa. African nations should band together and create their own well trained continental military force to deal with trouble on the continent. Let the training that these “elite” troops have filter down to the armies of individual countries on the continent for the protection of the people.

Read more from this article on Reuters.

Undercover Police

I was at this anti-BNP rally in Plumstead (first 15 seconds of this video), absolute war zone! Why aren’t the police infiltrating child grooming gangs and real villains, instead of left wing and anti-globalist groups? It’s quite shocking that these officers had intimate sexual relationships with women, and were only doing that as part of their job.

This news report in the video below however, isn’t how it happened for me. I remember a peaceful protest, diverted into a playing field to listen to some speeches by activists. As we got near to the playing field, I got a huge nudge in the back, and as I turned round to see who did that, I realised that a row of riot police with shields were running past me into the field, which I thought was odd, and concerning. As soon as I got to the field, within 12 paces I had some (I assume) BNP thugs throwing punches at me, a friend and his mother. We looked around and all was chaos, fighting, police on horseback charging all over the show, but the media reported that the unrest was started by the demonstrators! We heard at the time that the BNP had infultrated the ARA (Anti-Racist Alliance) crowd in order to cause trouble and distrupt the march!