Eric Garner: Part way to justice

The New York Police Department has finally fired Daniel Pantaleo over Eric Garner’s chokehold death in 2014. For me this is years too late, and Pantaleo has only lost his job, he should be imprisoned for what he did. The video of what happened as part a newsclip is available below. It doesn’t even look like he has resisting arrest, and there is literally never a reason to choke someone to death!

America, wake up please! We are drifting back to the days where black people will be lynched in the streets by hateful white bigots. When society has lost the sensibility to realise quickly that an incident like what happened to Eric Garner should be dealt with severely and swiftly, we can see that a malaise of injustice has already set in.

Full story courtesy of Al Jazeera

The Family (Netflix)

This is quite an insightful documentary that reveals the latter day manifestations of that same branch of religious mis-belief that spurred European Christian’s on to commit atrocities like The Crusades and The Atlantic Slave Trade. Douglas Coe was the most recent leader of a sect called “The Family”, originally started by Abraham Vereide (a migrant from Norway). This sect loosely follows the teachings of Messiah (Christ), but leaves room for adultery and immoral dealings under a veneer of “Christian” teaching and brotherly love and prayer.

These men have been fooled by a wayward spirit to believe that their desires are of God, they make excuses for their “chosen ones”, who are often people of some disrepute, who are put into positions of power and push forward the ideals of Anglo Saxon focused Euro-centric Christianity.

One can only hope and pray that they wake up and realise they have been deceived. Yet God’s Word says that the “thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy” (John 20:10), “by their fruit you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16), and “outwardly they appear righteous, but on the inside are full of hypocracy and wickedness”.

The US is so caught up in evangelising it’s own brand of “Christianity” that it seems there is no one in the USA who is able to critique and expose these wayward sects and the doctrines they preach for the poison that they are. If we don’t take a stand against this sort of thing now, Donald Trump will be the least of our worries, because the KKK will own The Whitehouse, not through back channels, but explicitly with the Confederate flag hanging at the door.

What mindset makes behaviour like this happen?

A black man being handcuffed and attached to a rope by two policemen on horseback… Yes America does have a problem with white supremacy, racism, and inequality.

I’m sure there are all sorts of laws those officers broke in terms of duty of care of a detainee, and I don’t know if the apology for this incident was sincere, but at least the minds of those in power actually still sometimes recognise when an apology is needed. Let’s press on against such behaviour to make sure we don’t let the conscience of people become so seared and callous that no one even thinks about apologising – that’s the danger of the drip, drip effect of incidents like this.

However, it really is more than an apology that is needed, not only for Mr Neely in this case, but to the blight on black people’s lives that is the taint that white supremacist, racist and discriminatory behaviour etches and leaves perpetually. This disease in white society gives life to a lasting infectious scourge on the lives of human beings who deserve so much more than to be defined by people who haven’t yet learned the ability to respect themselves, for if they did respect themselves they would see the humanity in the people they hate and abuse and would refrain from such actions, therefore they can not respect others because they do not have the capacity to do so.

Such people damage themselves and the society they live in, they lower the tone of humanity and civility. Ironically, such people take on the sub-human traits of people who they falsely believe are sub-human, its a form of psychological “projection”, sad, pitiful and only destined to end in insanity and empty delusion for those who do not find their way out of it.

Are you really surprised Mr Gove?

The EU are refusing to negotiate on Brexit. That isn’t news to me, they’ve been effectively saying as much for months, “This is your final offer”.

I wish it were possible for the EU to hire a giant megaphone which could enclose The Houses of Parliament, something with say a 1 million Watt rating (pretty damn loud), and then have a person clearly shout into that megaphone, in words those toffee nosed English snobs will not be able to ignore; “There will be no further negotiation on The United Kingdom’s exit from The European Union” – perhaps finally those overpaid idiots will understand!

Respect for Prince Harry

I find it interesting that Prince Harry wrote an insightful piece in Vogue highlighting a phenomenon know as “unconscious bias” pertaining to subtle forms of racism (unfortunately I only have the link to a BBC article about that piece). I think he has taken some stick from ignorant people who do not like the fact that he is not married to a white woman and this has aroused his sensitivity toward the kinds of bias that people far removed from his normal social sphere would be able to relate adequately.

However, I don’t think it is a “sign of the times” that we now effectively have mixed race, dual parentage, essentially black royalty; sadly it reflects how far behind the times The Royal Family is, that it has taken until the 21st Century for this situation to come about (my mind thinks at a tangent that Barack Obama only became the first black president in 2009); and subsequently for us to hear, rather than platitudes as clear as the nose on your face, someone who can do more than moralise, but actually feel that subconscious pressure, that feeling of exclusion, being a less than, even by association; by proxy for the person he loves.

Prince Harry gets my respect!

Go back to where you came from & choke holds

Well, we know Donald Trump is brash, uncouth and crass. We have suspected for some time that he doesn’t really like immigrants, especially those from Mexico. We know he dislikes Barrack Obama, and has set himself on a course of systematically dismantling the former Presidents policies. However with his recent attack on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan really let the vomit of his racist rhetoric come right up into the open. He basically said, “go back to where you come from”, to 3 congresswomen, who were all born in America, who represent their country and communities; all because these women are not completely white or Caucasian and have mixed or ethnic parentage.

That is racist. However you want to look it. I wonder how America let’s him get away with it. But then when you look at what is happening in America, policemen can apparently get away choking black people to death, shooting us to death, because of their own negative perceptions which they largely created and perpetuate. America is a hateful place for people of colour, and it has been ever since Europeans set foot there.

I’m beginning to think that America is lost, you can’t build a just society on iniquity, hate and injustice, but that seems to be the real fuel for American society at its core, no matter how much they try to dress it us as The American Dream.

Dumping the CFA franc!

Its good to hear that nations formally colonised by France and subject to a stranglehold on their wealth because of French domination are finally getting their own currency so that they can ditch the CFA Franc. At least that’s the plan, there are hurdles to overcome.

Here is an Al Jazeera article on this story.

Here is a link to The European Union vs French Colonial Taxes, where I wrote about the mind boggling amount that France extracts from these countries each year.

Racism is a spirit of evil

Solomon Tekah, an unarmed 19-year-old Ethiopian Israeli was shot on June 30, by an off-duty Israeli police officer, this has sparked demonstrations, protests and riots throughout Israel.

It seems that racism is institutionalized in any predominately white society, we’ve seen it in the USA, UK, Australia, and Brazil among other nations. Israel in many ways because of its central place among many of the worlds key religions, has a special place to play in the perception of how black people are to be treated.

It seems that wherever these is a base of a major world religion, there you find some kind of discrimination against others, whether it be racism or facism in Italy and the Roman Catholic church with its proclamations against African nations going back 100’s of years which have yet to be repealed and renounced, the current day dishonorable spectacle of right wing politics in Israel, even Buddhist persecution of the Rohingya. But surely, there is a God who created all people – why would this God discriminate on the basis of colour?

For me the problem, is when we turn God into an idol and we imagine him like ourselves, that creates a space in which we exclude other people. Yet the God I worship said:

You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments. Exodus 20:4–6 ESV

But an idol doesn;t have to be physical, it can also be something we set up in our hearts, spiritual idolatry – some people idolize themselves! I believe it is this spirit of error and foolishness from which racism breeds, and we need to all appreciate that we are all God’s creation, there is beauty in all of us, and we need to honour God in a way that does no harm to all mankind whom he has created.

The lingering legacy of colonialisation

Another great Al Jazeera report. Who would have though that our current refugee crisis can be linked right back to colonialism, and the need for colonial powers to maintain their grip on the resources the raped countries to obtain centuries ago.

Europe’s Forbidden Colony

Well, actually, I had figured it out already. Even though I am European, and British in fact, I still can’t help but feel excluded, out of step with, and ultimately disgusted by the colonial powers that have and continue to exploit the whole world in a crass show of hypocritical civilisation.