Impose sanctions on France because of its policies in Africa?

It may have come about as a result of a diplomatic spat, France and Italy in disagreement over each others refusal to accept certain refugees, but actually the utterance of the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio is strangely honest and accurate, for he said.

“France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts…”

The currency he is speaking of is the CFA franc, a colonial-era currency backed by the French treasury. Mr di Maio hinted at France manipulating countries who use the currency.

So it isn’t just me that can see the effects of colonialism and its latter day manifestations are having on the African continent. To see Africa Prosper, exploitation and colonialism must be stopped. But the fact is those who colonize and exploit African countries “need” to do so to boost their economies. As Mr di Maio again said “if it wasn’t for Africa, France would rank 15th among world economies, not in the top six”.

So there you have it, European countries complain about migrants but are major contributors to the migrant problem, through colonialism, capitalist exploitation, and destabilization. We drive policy where our hearts lead us, Europe values profit and power over humanitarian need and justice.

Brexit Conspiracies?

So Leavers are saying that the idea of a delaying Article 50 or having a second referendum is just a conspiracy formed by the Westminster “elite” who want to remain. We have people suggesting that a delaying Article 50 or having a second referendum will cause civil unrest on the part of Leave voters who feel cheated.

Are Leave voters so Luddite, undemocratic and lacking in sensibility that they somehow will forget the chance that they, as well as anyone else will (if the option arose again) have to vote in a democratic way, promoted by the ineffectiveness of our parliament, in order to help steer our democracy and either affirm or disprove the assumed public sentiment about the current referendum result?

The real conspiracy is not the fact that Article 50 might be delayed or a second referendum might be run, but that the lies the Leave camp thrust into the first debate have been proven to be untrue, and the analysis of The Bank Of England, CBI and other key institutions has also raised further concern about the likely path that Britain will take to exit Europe – that being a “hard Brexit” are generally being ignored. This is coupled with the fact that the Prime Minister has delayed key votes and excluded Parliament from the process of helping to shape the deal to leave the EU until the last-minute, offering a token listening ear, after which there has been no movement on the Government position, just a repetition of things promised before, which have yet to be delivered.

It’s so strange that we can look across The Atlantic at America, and see Donald Trump blocked by Congress over his wishes to build a wall on the US – Mexican border. We can see the statistics that have been shared about immigrants and illegal immigrants have often proved to be untrue, we can rationalise about that and demonize President Trump for promoting untruths revealed by fact checking. Yet at the same time, we seem to be unable to fact check the information that has been fed to us about Brexit. Isn’t it the case that we have been told “You can walk off the cliff, it will be alright”? Are we Lemmings for some nefarious Brexiteers plot to ruin what’s left of the UK so that a new generation of people with economic power can take root? Someone always capitalizes out of change and even misfortune – just look at The Government’s choice of cross-channel ferry service, which doesn’t have any staff, doesn’t have any ferries and has never sailed one either!? Surely someone must see the stupidity in all this?

What government would, though inaction, exclusion, delay, and ignoring advice projecting adverse outcomes, forge ahead with plans that will harm the people the Government is supposed to not only represent but protect? Theresa May will possibly be able to save her own party from splitting apart, but the country will be split apart by the outcome of her parties actions, both by delivering a poorly framed referendum, followed by a dithering and obstinate handling of the withdrawal agreement process. When the country does split apart and the economy fails, I believe people will remember the mess the Conservatives have plunged this country into, and remember it for many years to come. Governing a country with blinkered fatalism is a sure way to disaster.

The fact is Brexit, whether we had chosen to remain, or as it is, leave; could have been handled so much better, there is something fishy going on and we must find out the reason it has not been handled. Here’s to hoping that we don’t sleep-walk right off the cliff, one foot is already over the edge…

Brexit: Party Politics vs Mature Consensus

I’ve written previously about the irresponsibility of David Cameron and the mess he left behind for his successor, the unfortunate and rather obstinate Theresa May. My issue now is with how mature our democracy actually is, in terms of the outcomes it permits, they way issues are progressed by politicians and the media.

A referendum is a binary choice, yes or no – it that too simplistic for a decision of this magnitude? As it transpires there are “flavours” of remain as well as well as leave, and perhaps this was not envisaged at the time the referendum was posed. If a referendum is to represent the mandate of the people and an instruction to government, then shouldn’t it accurately reflect the true wishes of the people, rather than leave so much open to guesswork and interpretation? If Britain crashes out of Europe and some of the predictions of doom come true, higher prices, contracting economy, job losses, will the Government of the day really be able to look back and say, we acted according to the mandate you set for us? Is our disdain for Europe really that pronounced, that we are willing to cut off our collective nose to spite our face?

There is talk of a conspiracy to subvert the majority Leave vote by an establishment that supports Remain. I think in the event that Brexit is cancelled permanently, this has some credibility. If Brexit is delayed or if there is another referendum, then I don’t think such claims ring true. It’s amazing that some people are suggesting another referendum is anti-democratic, people will still all have the chance to vote again, the same as they did before. The only thing that has changed now, is that we have a little more information about the whole process, a clearer understanding of the consequences, the original hype of both campaigns laid bare, so that the truth remains and we can make a slightly more informed decision.

With all that said, isn’t the rejection of a second referendum itself anti-democratic? Couldn’t this perhaps reflect a conspiracy by the Brexit camp who wanted the country to make a decision about leaving the European Union based on half baked promises, untruths and an uncertain future? Who will it benefit to see a downturn in our economy? Only those who have the funds to invest before the economy pics up again, as it inevitably will. One must realise though, that Brexit is a power play, it is about forming the alliances of political and economic power that will shape this countries future for generations to come – those who can afford to now capitalise on the imminent vacuum left by the severing of relationships from Europe. Brexit will not benefit the average person in the short term.

This is also a concern, that after 2.5 years, our decision is only going to be slightly more informed. After 2.5 years, the government and political parties haven’t found a consensus and a way forward, Theresa May has ignored Parliament and even at times her own cabinet, and the issue has been used like a party political issue with both the Conservatives and Labour trying to points score. The media has only served perpetuate this madness by decrying why Labour are not further ahead in the polls given the Prime Ministers weak leadership. The real issue is, the narrow margin of the vote itself, and that the vote splits Conservative, Labour, and voters of all main parties so there is no clear majority for anything!

People don’t “win” a referendum, this is not like the outcome of a football match. Would a mature government disregard the wishes of 49% of the electorate to meet the requirements of 51%? I think compromise and consensus has to be sought. Even if a new referendum were to be run in and the result went in favour of those who want to Remain, the Leave camp’s views should not be sidelined. If it truly is considered that a new referendum will destroy democracy, you could take an aggregate of the two referendums to arrive at a result, yet I doubt that would prove conclusive.

What is really needed, and has been far to long in the waiting, is a mature debate formed around developing a consensus that as a country, not as divided camps of Leave and Remain, we can all get behind and agree with to help us move forward. The politicians have a duty not only to uphold the result of the referendum, but to act in our interests, and if they have no clear mandate for what they are doing, we need to be consulted again. The fact that this has dragged on for so long with no movement forward is an embarrassment to our democracy, and really shines a light on how superficial and partizan we are as a country.

Pay gaps

Right now, White men rule the world. Women are valued less than men, so women are paid less than men. Minorities are valued less than white people, so we get paid less.

None of this is right. It might be the way things are, and the way things have been for some time, but that doesn’t make it right!

Should we be pursuing some kind of class action to sue companies that discriminate in this way? After all, discrimination is against the law isn’t it?

Universal declaration of human rights, for some…

Here is an excerpt of an amazing article I found on The Black Agenda Report

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the same year the UDHR was promulgated, Israel was born as a nation after it terrorized over 750,000 Palestinians into leaving their homes and territories, and Dutch white nationalists assumed power in South Africa, commencing the formalization of their system of racial apartheid, and is the same year both nations were welcome into the community of nations without much controversy.

Full text here.

Unfair prices!

I just read this article on BBC news:

I wonder why the people who make laws in this country believe it is right to allow the poorer people in this society to pay twice as much for goods, just because they can’t afford to pay for thier purchases all in one go.

Systemic unfairness and inequality is guaranteed by a system like this!

Theresa May & Brexit

I’m not a Tory and I don’t like Theresa May, but I do feel sorry for her! The villan of the Brexit shambles we are facing is the entire political establishment of this country who didn’t have the intellgence:-

Firstly to post the correct referendum QUESTIONS, because one question clearly wasn’t enough. Their are consideations for trade, currency, boarders and immigration, security etc.

Secondly, they didn’t have the honesty to focus on the real issues we needed to debate and just talked about the usual unsubstatiated political soundbites that would win votes.

So we’ve voted, and actually the Government don’t have a clear mandate, because there was no clear message from the public about the granular detail that a decision like exiting from the EU actually required.

The referendum was just like an add on to the real “villain of the peice”, David Cameron’s election bid, so he could say – “I’ve delivered on what I promised”. Yes he did but thoughltessly and without due diligence, leaving his successor with the most impossible political task to fulfil, and the country in a complete mess.

They say Labour can’t be trusted with the economy, they are all spend, spend, spend; but I am actualy scratching my head and struggling to think what we can trust The Conservative Party with? I’m pretty sure the are about to bring this country to a devisive, devision ridden, econimic ruin.

If Theresa May should resign, so should her entire party, or better still all of those useless people who get paid to make our country better, who are in fact ruining it!

The evolution of same sex…

God created Adam [Hebrew: Adamah] and Eve [Hebrew: ishah], and since creation, procreation and the development of the human species has been through sex between a man and a woman.

God created laws to forbid sexual relations between people of the same-sex, it has to be said among other laws in this area; and in the Old Testament/Tanakh, specifically the Torah we read:

You are not to go to bed with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination. (Le 18:22 CJB)

In the New Testement/B’rit Hadashah we read:

24 This is why God has given them up to the vileness of their hearts’ lusts, to the shameful misuse of each other’s bodies. 25 They have exchanged the truth of God for falsehood, by worshipping and serving created things, rather than the Creator—praised be he for ever. Amen. 26 This is why God has given them up to degrading passions; so that their women exchange natural sexual relations for unnatural; 27 and likewise the men, giving up natural relations with the opposite sex, burn with passion for one another, men committing shameful acts with other men and receiving in their own persons the penalty appropriate to their perversion. (Ro 1:24–27 CJB)


Don’t you know that unrighteous people will have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t delude yourselves—people who engage in sex before marriage, who worship idols, who engage in sex after marriage with someone other than their spouse, who engage in active or passive homosexuality… (1 Co 6:9 CJB)

Some people still believe the bible is unclear on what God is saying about lawful relationships between the sexes. Yahshua, although speaking about divorce, affirmed God’s original plan at creation when he said:

However, at the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. 7 For this reason, a man should leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, 8 and the two are to become one flesh. Thus they are no longer two, but one. 9 So then, no one should break apart what God has joined together.” (Mk 10:6–9 CJB).

At the end of the day, those who want to rebel against God, whether it be in this area, or any other – for there are many ways to rebel against God; yes, those people will do so. What can we do, pray for their repentance. When they seek light, don’t despise them but open the door of truth. It’s clear Yahshua came to save, to call people to repentance, to offer live – condemnation and judgment are not part of that offer, and as people who know the truth will be aware, this is an appointed time for condemnation and judgement, by the one who is appointed to judge.

Same sex couples have fought for their rights and freedoms for many years, and our society, which is more inclined to humanist tendencies than to uphold God’s word, is accommodating their desires. What is further down the line as society heads in that direction is pointed at in the following article, courtesy of BBC News.

So, two female mice can have babies, although two male mice can not at the present time. The success rate of this process which involves genetic manipulation is low, but in time science will improve it and reduce the risk of complications and negative outcomes. Even in this article by the BBC, they suggest that the process may be possible for humans some day! For me, that is a frightening thought. What perilous times await us! We have people who change their sex now, and it can be difficult to tell men from women! We have same-sex foster parents – what becomes of their children – did they choose to grow up with two parents of the same sex? What will happen in the future if two women, or two men can have a baby? That raises a whole new set of moral and ethical problems for both believers and non-believers alike.

Satan is at war to break all the conventions in God’s law to make them mute, to blind people to the light of God’s creation, His love and His plan of salvation for us. This scientific advance to allow the genetic manipulation of same-sex seed to produce offspring is another step down the path of causing spiritual, ethical and moral confusion for mankind.

16 Shots

Yes, Jason Van Dyke has been found guilty of second-degree murder for the shooting of Laquan McDonald in 2014. It’s troubling that a police officer should shoot someone walking away from him, even though armed with a knife, at all, let alone 16 times.

But looking deeper at this, why do people have to carry weapons on the street? And what does this say about our society in terms of the continual fear some people find themselves living in, both from the common citizen, and the police?

Western spy mania?

So it appears Russia has been using technology to destabilise foreign governments like the USA, hack into sporting regulatory organisations that opposed Russia during the Olympics, and all of this seems to be the work of a small team of people who were, sloppy spies!

I find it hard to believe that spies who could achieve that level of sophistication could be so careless, and keep on them receipts for taxi’s and activate phones near the sensitive Russian GRU offices. Not only that, but their entire exploits were all conveniently held on a computer or set of computers that allowed detectives to link Russia to string of cyber-terrorism crimes. I’m guessing the password used to log on was something like vladimirputin, or moscow123!?

Something here just doesn’t seem quite right. It’s all a bit too neat and easy isn’t it?

Of course, the law was made for others…

So America wants to ignore the ruling of the International Criminal Court over its alleged abuses during its war on terror, and now Britain will probably also want to ignore the ruling of The International Court of Justice regarding the Chagos Islands and Britain breaking UN resolution 1514, also known as the Colonial Declaration, prohibiting the break up of colonial colonies prior to independence. Reaction Life carries a good overview:

Al Jazeera carries another article here:

Why is it that colonial powers, and those who have completely over-run other countries have to perpetuate a war without end, not only physically on those who they seek to make their subjects, but also systematically, through a lack of justice, framing history from their perspective; always trying to show themselves as being right, when clearly they are wrong?

Pride and conceit will always foster injustice and inequality, and I feel as much as some nations believe they are at the forefront of fighting injustice and inequality in the world, they are actually the major causes of it. The laws that prohibit nations abusing the rights of other nations, it seems, were made for others to abide by, and not themselves.