The Family (Netflix)

This is quite an insightful documentary that reveals the latter day manifestations of that same branch of religious mis-belief that spurred European Christian’s on to commit atrocities like The Crusades and The Atlantic Slave Trade. Douglas Coe was the most recent leader of a sect called “The Family”, originally started by Abraham Vereide (a migrant from Norway). This sect loosely follows the teachings of Messiah (Christ), but leaves room for adultery and immoral dealings under a veneer of “Christian” teaching and brotherly love and prayer.

These men have been fooled by a wayward spirit to believe that their desires are of God, they make excuses for their “chosen ones”, who are often people of some disrepute, who are put into positions of power and push forward the ideals of Anglo Saxon focused Euro-centric Christianity.

One can only hope and pray that they wake up and realise they have been deceived. Yet God’s Word says that the “thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy” (John 20:10), “by their fruit you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16), and “outwardly they appear righteous, but on the inside are full of hypocracy and wickedness”.

The US is so caught up in evangelising it’s own brand of “Christianity” that it seems there is no one in the USA who is able to critique and expose these wayward sects and the doctrines they preach for the poison that they are. If we don’t take a stand against this sort of thing now, Donald Trump will be the least of our worries, because the KKK will own The Whitehouse, not through back channels, but explicitly with the Confederate flag hanging at the door.

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