When foreigners decide your borders

Whatever England (and many other nations for that matter) are doing to define and enforce borders isn’t working. Look at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, where through careful negotiations the borders were set! We are being told one hundred years later, violence, discord and many of the same problems that existed at the time of drawing those borders still exist!

Now, if that’s the case for prosperous nations like Ireland and Northern Ireland,  having their borders set by England, a nation which shares much of its heritage; what will be the outcome for nations which have their borders set by foreigners and don’t share a common heritage with them?

  • Add to that having your resources owned by foreigners.
  • Add to that poverty and desperation for the resources that exist.
  • Add to that cultural and language barriers.
  • Add to that issues caused by religious differences.
  • Add to that the pressure to modernise, driving African countries into a system of world domination that not only exploits them but ruins the natural environment.

Africa doesn’t need colonial borders or borders set by any foreigner. Set your own destiny and forget what the Europeans are doing – #WakeYourLeadersUp

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