Priti Patel

Patel bullying. With such a judgement, why are there no consequences?

I was surprised to hear that the trade unions case against Priti Patel’s case at the high court was lost. It seems like the judge has had to jump through hoops not to find her guilty and condemn the actions of PM Boris Johnson as biased. Is the judiciary in fear of exercising the correct level of judgement against politicians?

This is another in a long string of abuses of power, and one wonders, when our own citizens are being mistreated on our own shores, what will be the outcome for people who are not British born, both here, and on shores far away? I think Boris Johnson lacks empathy and integrity, the exact characteristics needed to make him a British despot unleashing a reign of terror on those both at home and abroad, under the banner of reviving the British Empire.

Full story: BBC

When foreigners decide your borders

Whatever England (and many other nations for that matter) are doing to define and enforce borders isn’t working. Look at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, where through careful negotiations the borders were set! We are being told one hundred years later, violence, discord and many of the same problems that existed at the time of drawing those borders still exist!

Now, if that’s the case for prosperous nations like Ireland and Northern Ireland,  having their borders set by England, a nation which shares much of its heritage; what will be the outcome for nations which have their borders set by foreigners and don’t share a common heritage with them?

  • Add to that having your resources owned by foreigners.
  • Add to that poverty and desperation for the resources that exist.
  • Add to that cultural and language barriers.
  • Add to that issues caused by religious differences.
  • Add to that the pressure to modernise, driving African countries into a system of world domination that not only exploits them but ruins the natural environment.

Africa doesn’t need colonial borders or borders set by any foreigner. Set your own destiny and forget what the Europeans are doing – #WakeYourLeadersUp

Foreign military presence in Africa

I know Nigeria has its problems with Boko Haram and groups like them, but really it is embarrassing to see African leaders seek the protections of their oppressors, the Europeans and Americans, to provide military protection in Africa. African nations should band together and create their own well trained continental military force to deal with trouble on the continent. Let the training that these “elite” troops have filter down to the armies of individual countries on the continent for the protection of the people.

Read more from this article on Reuters.

Maybe Africa needs a different kind of aid?

Ok, the United Kingdom is cutting its aid budget to Africa, and the media in England is going on all day about the harm this will do. But I’m thinking, if the UK and other foreign powers made companies who exploit resources from Africa pay a fair price for people’s labour and the resources they take, if they ensured the companies paid the relevant levels of overseas tax, if they put in place measures to stop “capital flight”, then African nations could have a better chance of standing for themselves and not needing aid.

That’s not to deny Africa has its own problems with corruption. However, sometimes another person’s charity, is just a way of keeping you down. There are those who keep you crawling because they are too afraid to see you stand.

This whole situation feeds into the narrative of Britain being successful and benevolent, while hiding their historical roots in violence and ongoing greed and oppression.

See this article in The Guardian for more details.

Hitler, Nazi Occultism, Eugenics, Population Control and the Creation of Race

I had no idea that Hitler took his ideologies about race from a British man, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, and fused this with German mythology, occult practices, population control and Eugenics (another British idea courtesy of Sir Francis Galton), to create the Nazi movement.

It seems we are still battling today over many of the same issues in the Western world.

British Colonialism v2.0 (The Spiders Web)

It’s strange that every country seems to be in debt, and at a time when we are in a health crisis that the stock market is allegedly booming in some sectors, while the poor get poorer, big companies are bailed out by the taxpayer, and then some even sue the government for loss of profits, while the same said government has to be forced into an embarrassing u-turn on feeding poor children over the school holidays. Where does all our wealth go as UK citizens? Why are we caught out by a pandemic and seemingly having to falsify our death rate not to appear in the top 2 countries affected by Covid-19? Doesn’t this just reveal how poor our investment in our own infrastructure and essential services is, while at the drop of a hat we can bail out big business. What hypocrisy!

It’s made worse when you realise that the empire Britain built in its heyday is still effectively in place, and than money from large companies, illicit arms and drug deals all filter through some former (and existing) colonial territories and dependent territories, some of which are even linked to where The Queen stashes some of her wealth as revealed in The Panama Papers.  The video below, “The Spiders Web”, is a really good insight into how physical colonialism has morphed into a financial colonialism, perhaps a more respectable arm of The British Empire, while it remains hidden!


The United Kingdom is by no means a true friend to Africa and the “Commonwealth Nations” within it, it makes big companies based abroad pay as little tax as possible to African nations, so there is less wealth kept in Africa to help build it up. Then it shouts about how much aid it sends to Africa like it is making a big sacrifice!  Some additional reading is provided below, which goes to show what a sham the British establishments claims on transparency and good governance or co-operation with its Commonwealth members really is.

The pride of Britain over Chagos

The United Nations has determined the UK’s decolonisation of the Chagos Islands “was not conducted in a manner consistent with the right to self-determination”. Thousands of people who lived on one of the archipelagos islands were evicted to make way for a military base, and those people suffered persecution in the communities the attempted to settle in. The UK however has ignored the deadline to make amends for the wrongs it has committed and is obstinately holding on to its claim to the islands.

Isn’t this just a case of the powerful and mighty abusing their power and ignoring the voices of the poor?

10) Do not move an ancient boundary stone
or encroach on the fields of the fatherless,
11) for their Defender is strong;
he will take up their case against you.

Proverbs 23:10 & 11 (NIV)

Power and might brings arrogance and even a crass insensitivity that should be a blot on the conscience of people who truly understand justice.

The servant leading the served

In today’s world the notion of having a servant is somewhat frowned upon perhaps because of the harsh treatment we see of servants throughout history and perhaps also because people who have servants are seen with suspicion perhaps relating to how they acquired the wealth to do so. However, in the UK we have had for some time the notion of Public Service, and public servants such as Politicians and the Police.

It’s interesting to note that in this general election campaign, the three main parties have 3 different approaches to Brexit, which actually shouldn’t really be about Brexit, but because the manipulation of our political system by people who try to force non binding declarations on people through binding constitutional process, it has been wedged into the general election as a devisive trigger to help a failing political parties disorderly plans. However, my point is, we can see Boris Johnson and the Conservatives pledged to leave the European Union, Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats pledged to remain, and Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party pledged to hold another referendum, this time making it binding and abiding by the decision. This BBC article holds further details.

I would argue that people not only dislike the notion of others having servants, but that people dislike the notion of being servants themselves, because in today’s especially, and arguably the prevailing opinion in the world is that the currency that makes people feel valuable is power. Our democracy is run according to a constitution, and our democracy should reflect the will of the people.

Jo Swinson said it partially right, with all the fractured opinion within Parliament, she doesn’t believe there is a clear path forward for those supporting “Leave” that will hold the majority opinion even in Parliament, let alone the wider country. In this case the Jo Swinson isn’t even prepared to put to the county, on whom our democracy relies the chance, now that more is known about Brexit and its implications, the chance to express their opinion – this is a case of the servant leading the served, that is us, the general public whom politicians are asked to represent.

Boris Johnson represents another case of the servant leading the served, his party has an ideological desire to leave the European Union, and they have chose not to recognise the flaws in the democratic process leading up to the initial vote, including the arguably binary yes/no option that didn’t reflect the complexity of the decision, along with the misinformation and potential flouting of funding rules; that this, has potentially put a minority opinion on the verge of becoming something that affects everybody. The Conservatives have made the brexit debate toxic and divisive by there mismanagement right from the original referendum, through David Cameron’s resignation, to Theresa May’s mistaken re-election bid with delay and dither in trying to push a deal nobody wanted through Parliament, the Boris Johnson and is prorogation and even more attempts to hide the facts, right up to his divisive decisions to sack members from his party at a time when he really needed the votes and then to call an election.

The reality is that Jeremy Corbyn’s labour party is the only party that wants to correct the flaw pertaining to Brexit by holding a legally binding referendum, now that we are all more aware of the facts surrounding Brexit, and not only that, Labour are pledged to find a credible deal and offer that to the people to vote on, taking it out of the hands of Parliament who have not performed well at this over the past 3 years. This is where the policy of a leader adopts the nature of a servant. Many politicians do not realise, that to truly lead, you have to serve, and serve not just who you prefer, but as a public servant, for everybody.

The media polarises issues and wants people to be at one end of the spectrum, leave or remain – if your persuasion puts you in the middle of that spectrum, then you are seen as having no plan, no conviction – but again this is where the single issue divisiveness of the election plays out. It’s clear that Jeremy Corbyn’s dedication is to democracy as a whole, not one specific issue. Many people will place their vote for a party based on their stance on Brexit, forgetting that this is in fact a general election with a multitude of other issues to be considered.

I only hope that the British public is mature enough to realise just how divisive this election really is, and rather than be strung along by manipulative politicians and the media which doesn’t fully realise that how it handles political issues is part of the problem, people can exercise good judgement and use common sense to arrive at a clear minded decision.

The Family (Netflix)

This is quite an insightful documentary that reveals the latter day manifestations of that same branch of religious mis-belief that spurred European Christian’s on to commit atrocities like The Crusades and The Atlantic Slave Trade. Douglas Coe was the most recent leader of a sect called “The Family”, originally started by Abraham Vereide (a migrant from Norway). This sect loosely follows the teachings of Messiah (Christ), but leaves room for adultery and immoral dealings under a veneer of “Christian” teaching and brotherly love and prayer.

These men have been fooled by a wayward spirit to believe that their desires are of God, they make excuses for their “chosen ones”, who are often people of some disrepute, who are put into positions of power and push forward the ideals of Anglo Saxon focused Euro-centric Christianity.

One can only hope and pray that they wake up and realise they have been deceived. Yet God’s Word says that the “thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy” (John 20:10), “by their fruit you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16), and “outwardly they appear righteous, but on the inside are full of hypocracy and wickedness”.

The US is so caught up in evangelising it’s own brand of “Christianity” that it seems there is no one in the USA who is able to critique and expose these wayward sects and the doctrines they preach for the poison that they are. If we don’t take a stand against this sort of thing now, Donald Trump will be the least of our worries, because the KKK will own The Whitehouse, not through back channels, but explicitly with the Confederate flag hanging at the door.