Theresa May & Brexit

I’m not a Tory and I don’t like Theresa May, but I do feel sorry for her! The villan of the Brexit shambles we are facing is the entire political establishment of this country who didn’t have the intellgence:-

Firstly to post the correct referendum QUESTIONS, because one question clearly wasn’t enough. Their are consideations for trade, currency, boarders and immigration, security etc.

Secondly, they didn’t have the honesty to focus on the real issues we needed to debate and just talked about the usual unsubstatiated political soundbites that would win votes.

So we’ve voted, and actually the Government don’t have a clear mandate, because there was no clear message from the public about the granular detail that a decision like exiting from the EU actually required.

The referendum was just like an add on to the real “villain of the peice”, David Cameron’s election bid, so he could say – “I’ve delivered on what I promised”. Yes he did but thoughltessly and without due diligence, leaving his successor with the most impossible political task to fulfil, and the country in a complete mess.

They say Labour can’t be trusted with the economy, they are all spend, spend, spend; but I am actualy scratching my head and struggling to think what we can trust The Conservative Party with? I’m pretty sure the are about to bring this country to a devisive, devision ridden, econimic ruin.

If Theresa May should resign, so should her entire party, or better still all of those useless people who get paid to make our country better, who are in fact ruining it!

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