Brexit Conspiracies?

So Leavers are saying that the idea of a delaying Article 50 or having a second referendum is just a conspiracy formed by the Westminster “elite” who want to remain. We have people suggesting that a delaying Article 50 or having a second referendum will cause civil unrest on the part of Leave voters who feel cheated.

Are Leave voters so Luddite, undemocratic and lacking in sensibility that they somehow will forget the chance that they, as well as anyone else will (if the option arose again) have to vote in a democratic way, promoted by the ineffectiveness of our parliament, in order to help steer our democracy and either affirm or disprove the assumed public sentiment about the current referendum result?

The real conspiracy is not the fact that Article 50 might be delayed or a second referendum might be run, but that the lies the Leave camp thrust into the first debate have been proven to be untrue, and the analysis of The Bank Of England, CBI and other key institutions has also raised further concern about the likely path that Britain will take to exit Europe – that being a “hard Brexit” are generally being ignored. This is coupled with the fact that the Prime Minister has delayed key votes and excluded Parliament from the process of helping to shape the deal to leave the EU until the last-minute, offering a token listening ear, after which there has been no movement on the Government position, just a repetition of things promised before, which have yet to be delivered.

It’s so strange that we can look across The Atlantic at America, and see Donald Trump blocked by Congress over his wishes to build a wall on the US – Mexican border. We can see the statistics that have been shared about immigrants and illegal immigrants have often proved to be untrue, we can rationalise about that and demonize President Trump for promoting untruths revealed by fact checking. Yet at the same time, we seem to be unable to fact check the information that has been fed to us about Brexit. Isn’t it the case that we have been told “You can walk off the cliff, it will be alright”? Are we Lemmings for some nefarious Brexiteers plot to ruin what’s left of the UK so that a new generation of people with economic power can take root? Someone always capitalizes out of change and even misfortune – just look at The Government’s choice of cross-channel ferry service, which doesn’t have any staff, doesn’t have any ferries and has never sailed one either!? Surely someone must see the stupidity in all this?

What government would, though inaction, exclusion, delay, and ignoring advice projecting adverse outcomes, forge ahead with plans that will harm the people the Government is supposed to not only represent but protect? Theresa May will possibly be able to save her own party from splitting apart, but the country will be split apart by the outcome of her parties actions, both by delivering a poorly framed referendum, followed by a dithering and obstinate handling of the withdrawal agreement process. When the country does split apart and the economy fails, I believe people will remember the mess the Conservatives have plunged this country into, and remember it for many years to come. Governing a country with blinkered fatalism is a sure way to disaster.

The fact is Brexit, whether we had chosen to remain, or as it is, leave; could have been handled so much better, there is something fishy going on and we must find out the reason it has not been handled. Here’s to hoping that we don’t sleep-walk right off the cliff, one foot is already over the edge…

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