Another killer officer cleared: The murder of Anthony Lamar Smith

Yes, the American system of justice reveals its blind, unjust and dehumanising face once again, as an Officer Jason Stockley is acquitted of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith after:

  • during the pursuit saying: “Gonna kill this [expletive], don’t you know it.”
  • Shooting Smith 4 times, even though backup was on the way.
  • Apparently planting a weapon in Smith’s car which didn’t have Smith’s DNA on it, only Stockley’s.
  • Apparently planting a package containing drugs Smith’s car which again didn’t have Smith’s DNA on it, only Stockley’s.

All this has happened in relation to Anthony Lemar Smith fleeing an alleged drug offence.

Video courtesy St Louis Post Dispatch

Black people are definitely under attack in the USA. The judiciary and The Presidency cannot claim to value all human life if judgements like this can be passed. It’s an insult to justice and people’s intelligence, plain and simple.

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UK Arms Sales Destabilize and Cause Misery

The Guardian has an insightful article on how in these times of austerity, the UK arms industry is booming.

And so the UK lays the seeds of instability, playing power games on far off shores, that will ultimately breed the next despot ruler we armed and then realised we had to overthrow, for the sake of humanity. What a farce!

Courtesy The Guardian – Full Story

The City of London and the UK Banking System

The City of London, actually a small part of what is commonly thought of as London, precisely 1.12 square miles containing financial services companies, with its own police force, laws, and apparently The Queen must ask permission to enter it. It’s been suggested that The City of London is not part of the UK and is its own sovereign state!

Information for re-education:

Money for nothing.

Kim Jong-un and the North Korean hatred of the USA – An overview

Whenever we see people acting crazy, we have to find out why. There are always two sides to every story.

Why do North Koreans hate the USA?

I didn’t know any of this stuff.

Still Kim Jong-un’s attitude is belligerent, he’s provoking nations with far more firepower than North Korea has. I think to avoid potentially putting his people through similar atrocities that they faced in the past, he should change his attitude to one of reconciliation. We can’t change tha past, but we can try to strive for justice and learn from the mistakes of the past.

Crazy America

An insightful article from Al Jazeera on the sociopathic nature of the American phyche.

America, such a powerful force in the world has such deeply rooted problems, and becasuse its influence projects and corrupts so many nations, we are headed down a path to a completely sociopathic, fickle, immoral, money obsessed world.

The tragedy of neglect

Grenfell Tower has become a symbol of the times in the U.K. The public sector and the services the working class man relies on has been subject to years of neglect, even before the so-called harsher measures of austerity kicked in.

Unless there are protests, cuts to government funding, and in the private sector cutting costs in construction and service provision have an almost invisible presence beyond the murmurs of discontent.

What the disaster at Grenfell Tower has done is make the invisible presence of cuts and cost cutting a horrific and nightmaric vision etched on people’s minds. As we grieve for people who have lost family members if not whole families, friends, and possessions – we can’t help but question how such a  thing can happen in the 21st Century in the UK, let alone in one of the captivating city’s richest boroughs.

here you can clearly see the contrast between those who can afford to pay and maybe buy anything they want, and those who in part rely on the system to help them get through life.

Poor housing is a trap, not just in terms of the safety implications that Grenfell has highlighted, but there are health concerns for people who. Live in squalid, unkept buildings in need of renovation and repair. There is the economic and social exclusion that happens on some estates which creates that micro environment, or pockets of society which seems closed of from the progress more affluent, socially mobile sections of society are able to achieve.

People in such situations are trapped in a variety of ways, and the way our society is structured, the impetus of government and business, seems likely to little by little take away the hopes such people have.

If we all pay into a system that is des ingest to protect all in society, why is it that some people are getting such a rough deal? Why is it that we systemically create a society that seems prone to limit the opportunity afforded to some people and keep them penned up in a stratum of society that further serves to both define and reinforce their status and self vision of those as being seen in need, wanting and dependent.

what I think is becoming more self-evident, is that the people who we define as poor will always be so if we as a society keep failing them and ignoring them, by pandering to those who have more money and influence. What we need is a society with justice at its core, and that doesn’t mean punishing the people who take shortcuts and ruin people’s lives as in the sad case of Grenfell. It means making sure, through the public services and regulation of private companies, that tragedies like this never happen in the first place.

Knives, cars and bombs

Another horrific attack in London, the attackers have taken away the lives of those who had no argument with them and caused injury to others, in yet another act of senseless violence.

We are appalled at this, and the deaths of, as I write, seven people is making news headlines, wall-to-wall on some of the 24-7 news channels, and the country is clearly in shock after several other terrorist incidents in Manchester and London. I’m wondering though, what effect bombing of town and cities has on those abroad, the constant surveillance of drones, armed war over resource as much as, if not more than religion, threat from within in the form of sectarian violence, threat from without in the form of the powers of The West, a lack of food, no creature comforts, no escapism, perhaps no future. What kind of response will the public in those countries have to violence we impose on them?

There is a degree to which we create the environment that fosters terrorism with our own foreign policy choices in other countries and with our own need to control parts of the world, as is the impetus of capitalism, to control resource and exploit it. There is a degree to which we reap what we sow.

This doesn’t excuse, make palatable or make right the acts of those who kill to express their ideology. But one has to ask where will this end? Can anyone see steps to peace?

What is for sure, is that until both sides in this conflict are mature enough to admit their own faults, there will be no progress – just violence, deeper more entrenched values reiterated by what is perceived as the wrongdoings of the other side.  So to my mind this is a war, the path to peace involves honesty, integrity, removing hypocrisy, re-evaluation and above all else stopping all forms of violence.

Cooking up conflict

So, Donald Trump has signed a multi billion (£270) arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Let’s hope the alliance with the US doesn’t break, and the face another stern test as they did with Saddam Hussain.

The deal will give Americans jobs, but are we seeing the beginnings of a vicious circle?  Weapons always breed violence, whether they remain in the possession of those they were intended for, or not.

Trump the Tyrant

You know I never believed America was the land of the free. When you consider the history of America,  you have to wonder just what the real American notion of freedom is?

America is a land of illusion, there is a dislocation between its beginnings and how it see’s itself, in all its self-reflective cultural product. Just as you can’t plant nettles and expect roses to grow, neither can you create a nation based on oppression and conquest and expect it to flower into something beautiful, benevolent and just.

What’s happening now, is that America’s mask of illusion is starting to slip, but the illusion is so strong that people are in a kind of paralysed state, like a kind of sleep paralysis, unable seem to be to unable realise, vocalise or even potentially to have real power to take action and inject the healing drug of reality and justice into the American system that would bring the change it needs.

Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera has written an insightful article on Trump’s “tinpot dictatorship”, and one wonders, what happens to the voice of democracy and freedom in this world, when the major proponent of it, although I would claim America to be a false proponent, is revealed to be false and effectively disqualifies itself by letting the mask slip and revealing its true hideouts nature.

America isn’t all bad, there are people that understand truth, justice, equality and freedom – but unfortunately, it isn’t those people who run the country.


The Killing$ of Tony Blair

When Tony Blair came to power in 1997, I was genuinely relieved as a life long Labour supporter, I thought finally a chance for real change after years of brutal Tory government.

Now in hindsight after Tony Blair has left office my opinion of him is much different, and even before he did the cracks started to show. I think Tony Blair is the greedy war monger, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, who has excelled in deception, dishonesty, shown an unparralleled lack of integrity, and who should be tried for war crimes along with his friend George W Bush.

Labour used to stand for the working classes, but Tony Blair ripped the heart out of the party and sold it to the bankers, so all we have in this country now is a political system that truly serves the rich and those who control the media and public opinion as the general populace is guided down a path that sees out freedoms eroded, and the value of our wealth minimised.

I would recommend watching The Killing$ of Tony Blair, it’s a sad and painful reminder of what we as taxpayers support, and a true reflection on how undemocratic and corrupt our democracy has become. God help us if a man such as this doesn’t end up in prison for his disgusting abuse of power, which has continued with taxpayers funding his security detail and wealth accumulated by the contacts he gained as Prime Minister.  Tony Blair’s conduct makes me feel, really and truly ashamed to be British.  How can we keep on intervening in the lives of others without a care, pretending that we are bringers of change and peace while all the time cultivating war just so we can divide and conquer in order to exploit resources?  This is hypocrisy masked as care, and it is both a wicked practice and also a wicked disease for those who don’t realise its consequences.

How does this man sleep at night, and how is it that the cries of the lives of the people whose lives his policies have ransacked dont haunt his every waking moment, and not just for those abroad, but for the millions of people in Britain who trusted him whose trust he has betrayed with a web of lies. He must face the consequences of his actions.

Winning power in the Middle East and Africa, sources of energy and resources the developed world relies upon can’t be a goal that we achieve at any means. The less human our treatment of people in other countries is, the worse their opinion and treatment of us. What we throw out comes back to our door. If we keep on living like this, and accepting the actions of people like Tony Blair, I truly believe this world will end up in a perpetual state of war, with us living like animals where only the strongest and the richest will survive.

Divide and conquer – all over again…

I’ve not heard much about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s former president, especially since he left office.  However, he put so eloquently the reasons why conflict in the middle east seems perpetual, and to me to some degree, what is happening in the middle east must be like what happened in Africa hundreds of years ago… Divide and conquer, exploit the resources, maintain the “superiority” and dominance of an economic imperialist, and leave the people of those countries in confusion for years, decades, maybe centuries to come.

In the Al Jazeera interview, Ahmadinejad said that America’s economic model relies on war rather than co-operation and in order to preserve itself, it has to continually engage in war, and this vicious cycle is fuelled by its perpetual indebtedness to the American Federal Reserve System.

Having just watched Zeitgeist (although disagreeing on major points with the debunking of Christianity), I was struck by the whole tenor of Ahmadinejad’s argument, and how the manufacture of war and terror enslaves innocent people all over the world, in a system that seems to force us down a road of mistrust, division, hate and war.  It’s like a cruel zero sum game, where the winner, literally wants to take all, regardless of the cost to the innocent.