Fired for giving good advice – Sally Yates US Attorney General sacked by Donald Trump

So it seems Sally Yates was right and the initial travel ban the at the Trump administration imposed on 7 majority Musilim countries was unconstitutional. It seems strange to me that someone who has looked out for justice and the rights of other people and takes a high profile stand against this injustice seems to have been forgotten by the media.   Hasn’t her bravery in speaking out revealed the hot-headedness of the Trump administration?  I wonder if she has a fair claim for unfair dismissal?

What kind of society not only punishies those who uphold the truth and justice, but susquently forgets about them afterwards?


Dodd-Frank and the infamous Donald Trump hoodwink

If Donald Trump really wants to protect the rights of the average American Citizen, those “left behind”, the forgotten, then repealing the Dodd-Frank financial regulations will not help the issue.

Financial regulation curbs the excesses of big businesses that profit from leveraging their risks on the assets of poor people, and who suffer no loss when the financial bubbles the create come to a predictable end!

It’s always the taxes of the poor expressed through Government bailouts that gets these financial institutions out of trouble, leaving the public poorer, and the financial institutions in a state of conceited arrogance about the effects of the reckless profit seeking.

I don’t even think Donald Trump is really thinking of the poor, the American public has been hoodwinked again into more of the same old same old, boom and bust, the public pics up the bill, the rich get richer and in actual fact, it isn’t just the Dodd-Frank act that Donald Trump is running a “big number” on, but those that voted for him and believed he would bring real change.

A rose tinted history

In Theresa May’s speech to the Republican “Congress of Tomorrow” she said:

I defy any person to travel to this great country at any time and not to be inspired by its promise and its example.

For more than two centuries, the very idea of America – drawn from history and given written form in a small hall not far from here – has lit up the world.

That idea – that all are created equal and that all are born free – has never been surpassed in the long history of political thought.

Somehow her perspective on history and current affairs is flawed. Not only during those two centuries that she speaks of did America practise slavery and segregation, but now it’s society is becoming more intolerant and harsh on people who don’t have power.  The rhetoric of Trump seems to demean people, and by its divisiveness cause inequality.  His actions seem likely to reinforce his words.

I think Theresa May’s speech was political shoe kissing of the worst kind.

2016 and the rise of nationalism

The way I see it, since the turn of the millennium, the biggest impact to the world and the way the majority of people live is caused by greed, maybe it has always been that way.

In 2007-2008 we the world was rocked by a financial crisis. Many people lost their homes and their lives were changed abruptly and significantly.  What happened to the bankers that caused that crisis due to risky financial practices? How many of those bankers went to prison or were punished? Many bankers get paid even more now than they did then, and the public has had to bear the cost in bailing out the failed financial practices of banks. Not very many bankers were punished for their risky practices.

Who is bailing out the public in our time of austerity? Did we (the public) cause the financial difficulties that we find ourselves in as a nation? Unfortunately there is no one to bail us out, and we didn’t cause this mess, except maybe by proxy – by letting bankers invest money to boost our economy, give us better returns on investments and boost our pension funds.  All these things can be done sustainably if managed carefully, often gaining modest returns as opposed to staggering gains.

The problem is, greed – we want more, we want it now, we want it to continue forever. We have a warped view of what is possible and sustainable, and our greed blinds us to the downside of the actions we take, sanction or even turn a blind eye to as a nation. Not only that, but we push under the carper our nationalistic and societal greed, and assign the blame to the situation we are into people who aren’t even guilty. Thus refugees and immigrants get the blame and as the 2016 Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump (not to mention the rise fo the far right in Europe) show, we seem to have, as a society broadly agreed that becoming more nationalistic and less tolerant of foreign people, the other, those who don’t belong will improve our situation.

The problem is, not only is that a false premise, but our system that exploits weaker countries, extracting their wealth through conquest or corporation, disrupting the lives of many people abroad through war, meddling in regional affairs, raping the land for resource and marginalizing the native inhabitants of the people who live there, is the very system that causes people to want to leave their countries and seek refuge of some kind where we are. It’s a double whammy, of “we can take what you own, but you will never get the crumbs at our table” or “what’s mine is mine and what’s your’s is mine” .

Give two families all they need to live, and they can co-exist without any relationship characterised by dependency. If one family were to exploit its neighbour and own its neighbours resources somehow, it wouldn’t be long before a relationship based on dependency is established.

In my eyes the rise of nationalism reflects not only the fact that we are blinded by our own greed, but we are falling away from the principles of the equality of all races and people. It also reflects the fact that our democracy is failing, because our democracy is essentially toothless and unjust. We have the power to vote, but as soon as a government gets into power, they make all the decisions on our behalf, even if it seems that the majority of people in the country do not agree with their decisions.

We’ve seen this in the Iraq War, and I wonder what would have happened if instead of the government almost unilaterally bailing out the banks which arguably led to this period of austerity, if they had put to the people what should happen in a vote.  Maybe we would have seen market volatility for years and the wealth of financial institutions disrupted while the state remained treasonably untouched. Maybe we could have avoided austerity, Brexit and the knee jerk reaction that foreigners are to blame for everything.

It could be the case that the real problem with the world is not that more countries aren’t democratic, but that the countries that are democratic do not practice a deep enough form of democracy to make that democracy truly effective. Greed corrupts democracy, and in a sense the two are at war, and what we are seeing is that the checks and balances that should exist in society to ensure justice and fairness are being eroded and silenced.  We have reached 2017, and now 8 people on the planet own as much wealth as 3.6 billion of the worlds inhabitants. Well, that is going to be the natural state for that hybrid leviathan of democracy and capitalism fueled by greed, a selfish union that devours under the pretence of equality, justice and freedom.

Welcome to The Presidency on self destruct (before it begins?)

Yes, I’m hooked on the Donald Trump political saga, a surprise electoral victory fashioned by this brash, insensitive, sexist and rather xenophobic, ugly-looking man with a bad hairdo. Ridden by scandal already, and about to assume office having upset so many people in positions or governance, security and power within his country, Donald Trump has been hit by the Watersportsgate scandal, where it is rumoured that he engaged in perverted sexual activity while on a trip to Moscow.

I’m not sure I believe the whole Watersportsgate story of what happened in Russia, it has to be proven really – but just the mere fact that this document exists and the rumours of why the Russians are using it, and how they are potentially manipulating Trump will always cast an air of suspicion and doubt around this presidency.

I could be on the verge of riches, but the bookies wouldn’t give me odds…

I’m not a betting man, but about a week ago I wanted to put a bet on Donald Trump being impeached. I asked for a specialist bet, that Donald Trump would be impeached within:

  • 6 Months
  • 1 year
  • 2 years

I tied all the major bookmakers but no one would give me odds – I was told there was no market, or it was a negative market. I guess the bookies knew there was too much of a chance of them losing money hand over fist!

Usually we’ve seen leaders experience paranoia but normally while they are actually in power. America is experiencing a preview of what is to come, and think how much worse it will be when he assumes office, and that paranoia can be expressed in more than just talk, but action.

It’s no surprise then, that I don’t think the Trump presidency will last, and for the time he is in office, he is going to cause more harm than good. We are about to see America change direction after having the first ever Africa American president Barrack Obama (for me more famed for his wonderful oratory powers more than what he did in office, but at least he sounds like a president), to a man who has great wealth but seemingly not the temperament or integrity to be anything other than a slippery business man.

I think the fault lines in America are showing, and if even Barrack Obama (who admittedly didn’t want to be typecast as a “pro black” president) was not able to stem the tide of racial violence by the authorities against black people, the situation will become rather worse when Trump takes office, and the discriminatory forces in society, I feel, will expand their remit for unjust treatment on more sections of society and set the cause of equality for women back years. This will present an image of America that won’t sit well with the shining light of democracy, equality and freedom that it wants to be, and so believes it is.

Power corrupts deceitful men

So Nigel Farage was always raving about unelected officials in Brussels. Isn’t it ironic that he wants to become an unelected official liaising between the UK and the USA?

Donald Trump promised to battle against the offshoring culure in the USA, yet the appointees to many of the major positions in his administration are the people responsible for that offshore wealth stripping culture.  I wonder if they have all had a dramatic change of mind?

What would happen to transparency, integrity and honesty if these to men actually worked together.

For some people, the only problem with conceit is that it just looks bad when someone else is clearly doing it…

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Labour leader

Yes! And so it should be, with 61.8% of the vote.

What the MP’s that are in effective rebellion against Jeremy Corbyn should know is that the majority of the Labour supporters who voted for them are the same people who have voted to keep Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

They need to get behind the leader and drop their undemocratic attitude of Westminster-led political elitism, and recognise that power and democracy are ground the ground up, not from the top down!

Don’t tell us who we should have as leader, we’ll tell you!

Negative Interest Petition

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

Click this link to sign the petition:…/spons…/1AXBTMORJ36c760It8NT

My petition:

A call for The Government ban banks from charging negative interest on deposits.

The Government’s relies on low interest rates to stimulate growth via Quantitative Easing. The Government’s plans have not worked for all. After Austerity and harsh cuts on public spending, The Government needs to protect people from being charged negative interest on their own money in the bank.


Click this link to sign the petition:…/spons…/1AXBTMORJ36c760It8NT

We bailed out the banks once before and that didn’t make any bankers take a pay cut, invest responsibly or think about a sustainable way to run our financial system. Why then do we now run the risk of having to pay again for The Government’s “cosying up” attitude to the banks and big business, that always makes poorer hard working people pay more and face a tougher time, while the rules are relaxed for the rich?

I just joined the Labour Party

So I had to do it – I am a Jeremy Corbyn fan – he is not perfect, but at least he gets the notion of what democracy should be, i.e. from the people upwards, as in the origin of the word

Late 16th century: from French démocratie, via late Latin from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos ‘the people’ + -kratia ‘power, rule’. (Source:

That is to say, a strong people supporting a weak leader, is better than a strong leader overbearing on a weak people!

Check out this link for information to join.

Farenheight 911

I just watched this Farenheight 911

A very revealing and troubling yet at the same time humourous deocumentary about the George W Bush administration, he and his father’s links to Saudi Oil and the Bin Laden family, vote rigging, media manipulation, and his alliance with Tony Blair.

It seems clear that sometimes the leaders of the free world and democracy have to somehow, against the very ideals they claim to stand for, have to exlude people from the democratic process and act in undemocratic ways to get their way…  Their vested interest in big business, profit, sustaining the status quo in favour of the political and economic elete, and the lack of compassion or any conscience about the lives of innocent people who will either have their lives torn apart or die because of their often flawed and corrupt ideals and the actions that spring from this makes me feel sick.

We really need a way to rethink what democracy is all about and how it works, because no one in their right mind really wants to give power to men like Bush or Blair who ignore the wishes of the majority of the people they serve in order to stubbornly pursue an agenda based on fantasy that ultimately means innocent people will die.  The thought that my taxes go to people who act with such disregard for human life makes me really quite angry and disillusioned about this world and how true justice can be achieved.

So many times we look back at the things that have gone wrong in the past because of politicians and the economic elite, we may have demonstrated at the time, written lettes, voted, yet still injustice carries on and we are unable to stop it.  And after the event, the lies and deceptions of people in power become even more evident, there has to be a way to stop this from happening, and for the political and economic elite to loose the apparent indemnity against wrongdoing that they enjoy.