Of course, the law was made for others…

So America wants to ignore the ruling of the International Criminal Court over its alleged abuses during its war on terror, and now Britain will probably also want to ignore the ruling of The International Court of Justice regarding the Chagos Islands and Britain breaking UN resolution 1514, also known as the Colonial Declaration, prohibiting the break up of colonial colonies prior to independence. Reaction Life carries a good overview: https://reaction.life/mauritius-challenges-britain-icj-status-chagos-islands/

Al Jazeera carries another article here: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/09/mauritius-challenges-britain-claim-chagos-islands-icj-180903142332744.html

Why is it that colonial powers, and those who have completely over-run other countries have to perpetuate a war without end, not only physically on those who they seek to make their subjects, but also systematically, through a lack of justice, framing history from their perspective; always trying to show themselves as being right, when clearly they are wrong?

Pride and conceit will always foster injustice and inequality, and I feel as much as some nations believe they are at the forefront of fighting injustice and inequality in the world, they are actually the major causes of it. The laws that prohibit nations abusing the rights of other nations, it seems, were made for others to abide by, and not themselves.

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